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On this page the recent development changes of gameME are listed. Now it is possible to keep track of all new features added, improvements done - or bugs fixed! You can follow the changes also on Twitter or Facebook. The latest official gameME news are listed on our news page.
Thu Feb 15 23:06:31 2018
Today, we have reissued all our SSL certificates, our apologies for temporarily webpages access issues!

Fri Jan 26 01:18:25 2018
The movement is now completed and all services are up and running properly again!

Thu Jan 25 20:36:10 2018
Today one box is moved to another data center, this will last some couple of hours. More information within the control-panel.

Mon Jan 01 23:48:24 2018
Season 47 of #gameME global stats finished: 950,011 players, 136,459,784 kills, 17,378,469 connects and 384y 352d 12:03:55h time played!

Mon Jan 01 22:25:06 2018
Changed some GeoIP handling to use entries with lat/lng and without city info as well.

Tue Dec 19 21:08:09 2017
Switched tracking of ZPS to steamidv3

Sun Jul 02 21:18:54 2017
Season 45 of #gameME global stats finished: 1,138,386 players, 205,024,772 kills, 23,380,739 connects and 539y 247d 04:07:20h time played!

Sat May 20 23:16:29 2017
Hint: If you are running a dodgeball gameserver, you should disable the option "Ignore Bonus Round" to ensure all kills are tracked!

Tue May 02 23:09:11 2017
Fixed some display bugs regarding the live-awards!

Fri Mar 31 22:22:18 2017
Season 44 of #gameME global stats finished: 1,209,093 players, 258,147,981 kills, 28,688,941 connects and 644y 119d 22:13:31h time played!

Sun Jan 01 00:20:01 2017
Season 43 of #gameME global stats finished: 1,307,299 players, 262,279,597 kills, 28,980,614 connects and 678y 342d 23:38:42h time played!

Sun Dec 18 19:02:04 2016
Updated geo database for the highest accuracy of countries and cities!

Sun Oct 02 18:43:26 2016
Season 42 of #gameME global stats finished: 1,724,995 players, 323,663,239 kills, 33,007,433 connects and 812y 56d 00:00:29h time played!

Sat Sep 17 21:53:33 2016
Currently 4,489,340 players are VAC-banned! Still counting...

Mon Jul 18 22:16:00 2016
Added 10 missing weapons/ribbons and 3 maps for game TF2!

Thu Jun 30 22:13:46 2016
Season 41 of #gameME global stats finished: 1,721,402 players, 308,299,694 kills, 31,348,166 connects and 793y 177d 17:39:25h time played!

Sun Jun 26 21:02:09 2016
Fixed wrong gameserver logging from recent CSGO update! Player are tracked reliable again!

Sun Jun 12 19:50:58 2016
Added missing map images for CSGO!

Tue Jun 07 23:03:51 2016
There will be a new gameME Plugin for SourceMod release v4.8.1 the next days. A testing version is available at

Sun Jun 05 23:25:34 2016
Added missing weapon/ribbons images for CSGO and BFH!

Thu Apr 28 22:36:03 2016
Added 51 missing weapons/awards/ribbons for Battlefield Hardline! Images for maps/weapons will follow soon!

Sun Apr 17 21:00:12 2016
Updated SSL certificates for gameME webpages and for the global API!

Thu Mar 31 22:04:41 2016
Season 40 of #gameME global stats finished: 1,835,143 players, 326,260,753 kills, 34,160,846 connects and 843y 225d 20:03:15h time played!

Thu Jan 21 21:34:26 2016
Added some missing tf2 map images!

Sun Jan 03 22:17:03 2016
For CSGO please really ensure to update to v4.7.1 of the gameME Plugin for SourceMod. It will fix a major issue with the accuracy tracking!

Sun Jan 03 22:15:55 2016
gameME Plugin v4.7.1 for SourceMod is now available! Download at

Fri Jan 01 00:26:46 2016
Season 39 of #gameME global stats finished: 1,822,300 players, 287,270,140 kills, 29,470,184 connects and 740y 62d 15:37:10h time played!

Fri Dec 18 21:18:01 2015
It is now possible to search for steamidv3 ids on gameME Stats webpages!

Mon Dec 14 21:23:15 2015
The new gameME Plugin release will add weapon accuracy for the missing CSGO weapons!

Mon Dec 14 21:22:34 2015
There will be a new gameME Plugin for SourceMod release v4.7.1 the next days. A testing version is available at

Mon Dec 14 21:21:20 2015
Added all missing awards/weapons/ribbons images for CSGO!

Fri Dec 11 21:11:44 2015
Added weapons/awards/ribbons for Revolver, Falchion and Shadow Daggers to gameME Stats! Images will follow the next few days!

Tue Nov 24 20:06:57 2015
Added all missing awards/weapons/ribbons images for Insurgency 2014!

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