Season Statistics

GeneralSeason 37 (Spring 2015)Season 36 (Winter 2015)
Player Count835,830 Players2,625,395 Players
Total Kills97,771,061 Kills457,535,484 Kills
Time Played272 years 342 days 04:51:42 hours1290 years 230 days 04:03:12 hours
Total Connects9,525,187 Connects45,101,652 Connects

Top PlayersSeason 37 (Spring 2015)Season 36 (Winter 2015)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2-Austria [eaZy] oriqinaL... with 2,299 points
Battlefield HardlineBelgium EllennPage with 2,676 points-
Battlefield 4Canada Predatory_llama with 3,746 pointsBrazil Stluvik with 8,026 points
Battlefield 3Hong Kong shakuhachi23 with 3,235 pointsUnited States 13-_-WaDiA with 4,934 points
Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveMalaysia kaze with 3,019 pointsNorway AIM LIKE SCREAM... with 12,532 points
Counter-Strike: SourceRussian Federation ataka #. Ňоňŝeŝ ㋛ with 5,052 pointsRussian Federation AGGRESSIVE Ramzes™ with 6,822 points
Counter-Strike 1.6Canada so? with 4,310 pointsLithuania Svajotojas with 7,032 points
Counter-Strike: Condition ZeroBrazil [A]rena|so um zoio with 2,172 pointsBrazil KaiO'ziN )( with 3,579 points
Day of Defeat 1.3New Zealand StinkNuts with 2,562 pointsCanada Loyz with 4,013 points
Day of Defeat: SourceUnited States Ҳτгεӎε⁞Goddesso... with 3,107 pointsUnited States Ҳτгεӎε ⁞ Ma_Lov... with 4,778 points
Half-Life 2: DeathmatchNew Zealand [NZ]Triple7 with 2,636 pointsUnited States [US]( O ) with 2,742 points
Insurgency 2014Argentina ReeCky with 2,630 points-
Medal of Honor WarfighterTaiwan DCTCCN with 2,065 pointsGermany KILLERHORST1 with 2,586 points
Left 4 DeadKazakstan Волкодав прав Лю with 19,305 pointsGermany [DE]Beasty with 51,455 points
Left 4 Dead 2Brazil VHS with 431,451 pointsChile Megaman X with 855,838 points
Team Fortress 2United States ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ with 29,992 pointsUnited States ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ with 64,999 points
Team Fortress ClassicBelgium [Rasta]W!sh with 1,720 pointsBelgium Player with 4,322 points
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