Season Statistics

GeneralSeason 39 (Autumn 2015)Season 38 (Summer 2015)
Player Count1,280,707 Players2,419,532 Players
Total Kills183,637,426 Kills429,231,742 Kills
Time Played468 years 222 days 08:12:03 hours1103 years 216 days 07:36:19 hours
Total Connects18,455,995 Connects41,288,158 Connects

Top PlayersSeason 39 (Autumn 2015)Season 38 (Summer 2015)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 [Invalid ] Fetoreb with 3,218 points aleko77 with 3,677 points
Battlefield HardlineFrance LaBaguette2A with 3,801 points-
Battlefield 4Hungary Death_Raven86 with 6,687 pointsBrazil HonorBR-HOLLY with 5,823 points
Battlefield 3Japan [Ge] NikaidouReika with 3,455 points [AWEE] NATOHA with 4,897 points
Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveSweden cookierookie with 6,775 pointsUnited States -Red- with 11,028 points
Counter-Strike: SourceRussian Federation TG-P ADMIN МИТЯ... with 8,297 pointsRussian Federation AGGRESSIVE kam1k_ with 7,889 points
Counter-Strike 1.6Ukraine da cs minG zi b... with 6,067 pointsUkraine Myj4in@ with 6,268 points
Counter-Strike: Condition ZeroPoland Aomine with 2,540 pointsBrazil [A]rena| kino with 3,415 points
Day of Defeat 1.3Canada (MPG) dandoc with 3,270 pointsFinland Tussuttelija[FIN] with 4,128 points
Day of Defeat: SourceUnited States •̪̀●́ SLICK [SAC] with 2,853 pointsFinland Saku with 3,919 points
Half-Life 2: DeathmatchUnited States [US]( O ) with 3,509 pointsUnited States [US][KÄŦ] TRASHMAN with 3,060 points
Insurgency 2014United States Crab-Mangler with 2,930 points-
Medal of Honor WarfighterTaiwan DCTCCN with 2,309 pointsTaiwan DCTCCN with 2,387 points
Left 4 DeadUnited States Clyde with 12,222 pointsUkraine Lone Wanderer with 56,986 points
Left 4 Dead 2Chile Megaman X with 319,482 pointsPeru 【ĜэҲ】 ✞TعĐ ✞ with 850,482 points
Team Fortress 2Russian Federation bublik with 26,899 pointsRussian Federation Yippee ki-yay, ... with 73,567 points
Team Fortress ClassicFinland ramos with 1,848 pointsBelgium Player with 3,232 points
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