Season Statistics

GeneralSeason 43 (Autumn 2016)Season 42 (Summer 2016)
Player Count1,004,821 Players1,724,995 Players
Total Kills185,118,815 Kills323,663,239 Kills
Time Played487 years 210 days 07:28:02 hours812 years 56 days 00:00:29 hours
Total Connects20,589,050 Connects33,007,433 Connects

Top PlayersSeason 43 (Autumn 2016)Season 42 (Summer 2016)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Galgamed with 3,335 points iLevite with 3,423 points
Battlefield HardlineGermany wiIlywhisperer49 with 4,019 points-
Battlefield 4Canada [T3] Z-IDeathst... with 9,088 points DeMoNxShaDoW with 9,613 points
Battlefield 3Mexico [ILAG] lllsmark... with 2,800 pointsSweden BeeK099 with 3,651 points
Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveDenmark Muttu with 5,892 pointsFinland miksu with 11,653 points
Counter-Strike: SourceRussian Federation .lamka with 9,632 pointsRussian Federation [ODMS' team] .l... with 7,686 points
Counter-Strike 1.6Ukraine .::STaFF::.| Al... with 7,628 pointsGermany [iR] Ts2820 with 6,958 points
Counter-Strike: Condition ZeroIndia noob sprayer :( with 5,223 pointsIndia T!^aNs || RI$)-( with 5,363 points
Day of Defeat 1.3Finland Tussuttelija[FIN] with 3,457 pointsCanada (MPG) dandoc with 3,643 points
Day of Defeat: SourceFinland Saku with 3,377 pointsFinland Saku with 3,742 points
Half-Life 2: DeathmatchUnited States feedays aka La ... with 3,037 pointsUnited States [US]Mighty Mouse with 3,057 points
Insurgency 2014Canada Aziz Shavershian with 3,117 points-
Medal of Honor Warfighter--
Left 4 DeadRussian Federation OverkilL™ with 28,512 pointsUkraine Lone Wanderer with 22,125 points
Left 4 Dead 2United States ATIV with 453,084 pointsArgentina ezee with 719,880 points
Team Fortress 2Finland [DuKi] FuranDuron with 19,684 pointsGermany Awo with 46,482 points
Team Fortress ClassicUnited Kingdom apptje with 1,657 pointsBelgium hans_gruber with 2,302 points
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