Season Statistics

GeneralSeason 38 (Summer 2015)Season 37 (Spring 2015)
Player Count1,105,158 Players2,394,828 Players
Total Kills149,470,229 Kills446,998,787 Kills
Time Played383 years 58 days 17:34:13 hours1192 years 343 days 06:06:31 hours
Total Connects13,888,027 Connects43,443,562 Connects

Top PlayersSeason 38 (Summer 2015)Season 37 (Spring 2015)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2Russian Federation CKPOMHbIU with 1,308 points-
Battlefield HardlineRussian Federation Disgusting_boy with 2,950 points-
Battlefield 4Russian Federation [RA] XITMEN1 with 4,945 pointsCanada Predatory_llama with 8,021 points
Battlefield 3 [AWEE] NATOHA with 3,563 pointsBrazil 1LynnLee with 4,530 points
Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveUnited States zz with 4,085 pointsSweden ... with 7,844 points
Counter-Strike: SourceFrance B1g bot FR £Van... with 7,307 pointsFrance super bot B1g b... with 9,486 points
Counter-Strike 1.6Ukraine `Kungfu Panda with 4,748 pointsRussian Federation chto ti veshaes... with 6,202 points
Counter-Strike: Condition ZeroBrazil [A]rena| kino with 2,789 pointsBrazil kinO with 4,147 points
Day of Defeat 1.3United Kingdom obj. obj. obj. with 3,137 pointsUnited States Monkey Punch Gang with 3,902 points
Day of Defeat: SourceUnited States Erich with 3,165 pointsRussian Federation Vijet with 3,960 points
Half-Life 2: DeathmatchUnited States [US]rIPPy with 2,832 pointsNew Zealand [NZ]Triple7 with 2,579 points
Insurgency 2014United States Ke$ha with 3,917 points-
Medal of Honor WarfighterGermany SirSpike_x with 2,274 pointsPoland sadychor with 2,210 points
Left 4 DeadRussian Federation panzer fusilier with 18,648 pointsUkraine Lone Wanderer with 33,648 points
Left 4 Dead 2Brazil Toe Cutter with 283,279 pointsBrazil Clandestino with 981,818 points
Team Fortress 2United Kingdom :O Face with 26,641 pointsUnited States ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ❣ AX 2015! with 97,538 points
Team Fortress ClassicBelgium hans_gruber with 3,197 pointsUnited Kingdom ^M.O.P- with 2,769 points
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