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United states  =(eGO)= AVALANCHE | CHICAGO |
Game Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 30/32 Players
Map dod_avalanche dod_avalanche, 01:16:38 hours
Updated 19. Apr 2018 21:22:42
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states dolinsky5:701:16:381311,4637,732
2United states frankie'5:301:00:026512,780-
3United states Spiff3:101:16:3819515,1923,016
4United kingdom headbudgie3:501:16:382078,4753,758
5China dottmw3:400:16:37-16,0334,068
6United states The Jewish Separatist3:201:00:3728214,1105,004
7Turkey ynihyt21:700:10:57-4,252-
8United states spazzy1:100:45:182956,5961,473
9Canada sachat0:400:09:51-12,680-
10United states Shea0:000:00:48-1,276-
11United states JOEDIRT0:201:16:38348,8158,946
12Turkey qs300bab0:200:21:51329,8213,707
13Spain (×﹏×)0:100:10:511045,478-
14Germany civilizations.dying0:200:05:43-994-
15United states Bernard Mickey Wrangle0:300:04:57-1,111-
1Denmark Holo Dodo9:601:16:3837618,475-
2Hungary ^^S λ K K λ M I^^7:500:23:181011,492-
3United states I'm your huckleberry5:100:04:15-76,054-
4Germany janyborossk3:300:43:564261,4454,036
5United states ✪jimmy3:000:01:121113,119-
6Germany Graf Drakula2:101:16:381111,118-
7Canada SOLID2:300:53:251658,0375,444
8Russian federation zaq1:000:11:438412,8076,602
9United states |Telo|1:100:07:38389,381-
10Mexico Spectro1:000:09:48420,519-
11Denmark DeadRabbit(DK)0:000:01:03-5,907-
12Brazil [D.T.B] ki Mário?0:000:57:1112152,752-
13United states =(eG)= blanks0:000:24:43-31,898-
14Poland buddy0:001:02:405217,5732,594
15United states incredible name0:400:05:30-14,717-
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