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United states -[]- |24/7 Idle/Trade #1| [RTD/BP]
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 24/32 Players
Map achievement_idle_awesomebox8f2, 05:05:01 hours
Updated 24. Sep 2017 16:05:01
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states Fortnite is amazing10:000:12:162096,158-
2United states Feoduis9:000:09:191927,69369,577
3United states Dave2:200:18:13239,895-
4Australia Luigi1:000:40:09-14,290-
5United states Emerald1:401:28:412814,238-
6Netherlands Doodle1:000:57:5110117,833-
7United states Kitten_power1:001:20:349824,086-
8Australia мιʟκмαn0:000:16:54-40,777-
9United states ⓅⒷSmoke Fire® ™0:009:29:4712773,765-
10Finland [DBH-Mo] Sergeant Pan0:000:34:25-27,804-
11Canada NCOB0:000:05:2827,024-
12United states kennyohmalta0:000:06:39-20,820-
 Team Blue25:615:40:16-13,699-
1United states zerg rush7:800:06:45-16,163-
2Macedonia, the former yugoslav r ananananna3:500:14:44-982-
3Mexico Ghast_Krion3:000:14:23277,039-
4United states Meme Overlord1:000:03:3721,002-
5United states Momo0:600:38:32-2,550-
6United states -[FF]-sschoppm0:100:03:30-7,518-
7Mexico LouLo0:1006:43:08-3,041-
8United states GoldenHaz2460:000:49:58826,717-
9United states Topaz0:001:23:37-5,953-
10Germany avj0:201:10:04-3,856-
11United states Porkchopman70:1101:17:304731,889-
12United states Sketchi0:001:01:53-5,798-
 Team Red14:4313:47:41-5,209-
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