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United states ! TBGCLAN.COM | ## AIR MAPS CONQUEST 24/7 | NO LAG
Game Battlefield 4 Battlefield 4
Players 13/64 Players
Map cql_naval cql_naval, 00:32:22 hours
Updated 22. Feb 2018 20:07:21
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states HarryBalszac3:001:18:2033564,71528,582
2Mexico [CHK] ch1t0zz1:000:35:18344,18148,395
3United states mickar1501:101:01:1741710,629694
4United states AmericanBoomer1:000:22:52545,04924,846
5United states 711max0:000:43:408572,09972,979
6United states mateski70:100:22:37-1,003-
7United states [EGC] TillLindemann60:000:03:47-5,01584,775
 Chinese Army6:204:27:51-23,242-
1United states [KOBK] Tha_Growler3:100:05:07341,5405,940
2United states ronbothegreek2:301:32:323618,17279,646
3United states Gostforce0:100:59:181081,38187,807
4Mexico kantelletar0:200:45:591152,83310,934
5United states xGunTechx0:100:03:10-6,71316,067
6United states [DoC] 1933-Doc-Savage0:000:27:311320,9229,157
 Russian Army5:803:53:37-21,927-
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