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United states  rxg | 10x Mayhem | Weapon Stats x10 |
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 27/32 Players
Map pl_vigil_b3b, 00:08:54 hours
Updated 26. Jun 2017 02:21:03
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states Dopple9:200:30:46-2,622-
2United states jetvova6:000:22:49-1,00058,879
3United states jaximous5:100:14:00-34,465-
4United states Hydroxianchaos4:103:09:54-48,202-
5United states RATMEAT2:100:43:45-1,240-
6Canada MysteryMann ϟ2:400:07:15-17,51982,290
7United states Daffytaffy (,000178,146
8United states Rick Sanchez2:000:08:04-17,161-
9United states Apple0:000:03:37-48,490-
10United states 1HP SUPER COOKIE WITH EVIL HATS0:000:04:08-1,427-
11United states ChaserCeon0:000:48:29-9,508121,350
12United states Ze Doktor0:100:05:05-17,146-
 Team Blue32:1306:43:17-16,648-
1United states Chris Rock6:300:08:02-26,654-
2United states fitotutus2:300:33:24-1,00053,081
3United states Michael Klump1:200:38:35-1,000-
4United states Alleyman5881:501:00:25-1,000-
5United states rxg | Laganja Estranga1:700:43:57-21,933-
6Thailand LoneRod The Darkness1:200:10:39-1,000-
7United states RadioactiveDecay0:001:01:45-1,000-
8United states (EpicTale) Sans0:000:24:56-1,000-
9United states rxg | derkd0:001:04:56-30,255-
10Canada ASIAN-RAISAN0:201:50:28-1,000-
11Canada Highsilesian0:000:38:23-1,00055,017
 Team Red12:2408:15:30-7,895-
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