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United states 6th Rangers Battalion PUB | gameME | Medic | FF
Game Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/32 Players
Map dod_husky, 00:22:37 hours
Updated 18. Feb 2018 23:09:46
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United kingdom Granpa Stenton [SAC]9:200:58:05442,0371,019
2United states lucky duckling5:501:11:055210,047405
3Canada Angua V Uberworld3:500:23:55587,0491,164
4United states spokey dokey3:000:50:5218316,10318
5Sweden Scooby Doo2:500:22:36531,6383,501
6Netherlands Lenni2:300:04:5582,589-
7United states SilentNoise2:200:17:04725,542308
8United states Savvy2:400:09:57202,992250
9United states EvilPenguin2:200:40:14141,2591,874
10Canada B.C.|Capt.Tripps1:201:11:051081,2061,480
11United states Irishwind1:300:14:01261,3471,907
12Canada Some More1:101:11:052115,65932
13United states Mangorange0:000:39:12241,541674
14United states Captain Caveman [SAC]0:000:20:47201,020-
15United states utah-Ray0:000:06:46123,04939
1Canada Trinity [SAC]9:801:11:0522512,410446
2Germany mightyinsect6:900:12:4342,948948
3United states level 35:501:08:30182,870520
4Canada M/Sgt. J. Trto [6th RB]4:600:18:58272,0284,347
5United states stump4:201:11:051125,550103
6Canada Keystone4:200:30:20677963,133
7Canada S/Sgt. J. Sparrow [6th RB]3:201:11:102333,220782
8United states Rec. T. Peck [6th RB]3:000:20:2891,6326,520
9United states killed3:500:07:47-1,0164,261
10United states Naked&EatingIceCream!2:800:47:01633,9241,154
11United states Thor [SAC]2:301:11:05-4,811390
12United states Dixon Yorass1:500:05:56-1,3583,345
13United states Dabcity1:300:13:33-1,8161,922
14United states Crisco's Phat [SAC]1:200:49:12-50821,150
15United kingdom elimn8or0:000:46:56752,815713
16Canada S/Sgt. K. Daragon [6th RB]0:300:22:41-1,84911,702
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