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United states [sG] Capture The Flag [Unique Mod + BF2] ||
Game Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike 1.6
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/32 Players
Map de_avangard, 00:13:45 hours
Updated 21. Jan 2019 16:03:16
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Argentina Monkey5:500:11:52-3,956-
2Brazil Jiraiya4:200:13:37613,938-
3Croatia Noxin4:300:09:1774,129-
4Romania natioeurocs3:900:10:39113869-
5Bosnia and herzegovina PROFAAA1:200:01:3842,214-
6Brazil NIKOLAS1:700:13:25-765-
7Pakistan MAJOR GENERAL1:100:06:56261,026-
8Egypt [ZM PLAY-ARENA RO][5]0:200:13:25-941-
9Brazil $EL PALHACINHO$0:200:13:33661,527-
10Albania DiL!3r!0:000:10:071311,454-
11Brazil PrO's Br | S.W.A.T.01.0:000:35:36333,097-
12Morocco MoRoCCaN BuLLeT *YouneS*0:300:13:44341,960-
1Germany al mohajer9:400:13:44-3,320-
2Argentina THE|F8:300:09:36-3,771-
3Bulgaria Deniz7777:000:13:4493,321-
4Brazil ThePaladine_7:800:12:4420996-
5Morocco Mercenary5:100:13:44174,296-
6Albania luis4:000:13:34292,555-
7Serbia zile20054:300:05:396971-
8Ecuador [Ecu]Raifon2:200:13:44861,481-
9Peru Troll xd1:400:35:12-3,583-
10Colombia AGREDINI KILLER0:100:01:49-1,906-
11Palestinian territory, occupied THE DIE0:000:35:1562,371-
12Netherlands SilentGamerz | Capture The F0:300:05:07-994-
13 kgaluepro0:000:06:57-741-
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