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United states [sG] Capture The Flag [Unique Mod/CSGO Ranks] #Non-Steam ||
Game Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike 1.6
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/32 Players
Map cs_havana cs_havana, 00:02:47 hours
Updated 21. Jan 2018 11:35:59
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Palestinian territory, occupied ᠌ ᠌MarTyr best guy in world11:100:03:2866,1071,686
2Tunisia Ms-Boost.Com - Player3:400:31:251481,236-
3India LALITH THE KING3:200:03:38222,135-
4Serbia DABADABADUUUUUUUUUU2:200:27:55-1,015-
5Macedonia, the former yugoslav r ??????2:200:07:56671,697-
6India DJX3602:201:43:302112,475-
7Pakistan [SG]_DarK_kniGhT2:200:52:30-1,516-
8Jordan laith.fadal2:301:17:50251,047-
9Pakistan >>>X_K*I*L*L*3*R*Z<<<1:200:17:5243916-
10Pakistan Khooni Billa0:000:03:27-1,780-
11India carl El0:300:12:24391,207-
12Vietnam WHX | Dipper ~J0:100:20:1821,009-
13Jordan GP-Player [16]0:300:37:19-158-
14Romania colo0:000:01:09-880-
1United states ANGEL7:300:15:29703,65610,396
2India duke5:200:02:01111,023-
3Serbia NINI4:200:16:36-913-
4Bosnia and herzegovina SLelel3:200:16:50612,031-
5Serbia Somi 993:100:02:10271,02715,669
6Albania klopp.3:300:02:20102,014-
7Slovakia SK BIZNIS3:400:19:33-2,032-
8Bulgaria rIgBaLl2:400:21:552591,316-
9Pakistan F!N!$H3R #SilentGamerZ1:200:27:54391,18146,022
10 _noobshit_0:000:52:33912,031-
11Palestinian territory, occupied OM~0:000:14:58271,027-
12Bosnia and herzegovina -Tata Igrice- [UV]0:300:22:59-1,784-
13Bosnia and herzegovina Coa Aco0:100:40:411341,102-
14Palestinian territory, occupied BoB-0:000:37:59-945-
15 Harry0:200:22:21632,132-
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