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United states | MARIO_KART_2 | 100% CRITS - INSTANT RESPAWN
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 21/32 Players
Map mario_kart_2_v36, 00:08:33 hours
Updated 21. Oct 2017 21:14:53
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Czech republic hajny.el14b3:400:08:09-997-
2United states II_Cookiez1:400:07:51151,464-
3United states мαя¢єℓιηє1:300:04:36111,074-
4Czech republic CHEF BOYARDEE1:200:08:31-13,219-
5United states Gobby1:800:04:0291,223-
6Brazil 『MrTrov』0:100:02:34-3,399-
7Mexico My Waifu, Your Waifu!0:000:07:43592,654-
8United states Winchester Lock0:000:07:27171,050-
9Mexico dr.zombie3000:000:07:01-1,038-
10Denmark Bare Pro Pelle0:100:04:37-1,057-
 Team Blue7:2301:02:31-2,718-
1United states Greedy Plumber Wario16:300:06:20704,991307
2United states Cletus csgoroll.com5:100:07:55481,061-
3Thailand Not so sp00Ky Nep-Nep4:000:08:22-15,075-
4United states Boku_No_Pickles1:300:08:3331,016-
5United states Captain Bones1:100:08:30761,594-
6United states Lil' Sp00ky Peachi1:000:02:23214,738-
7United states KewlKris0:000:07:551132,831-
8Chile sparta0:100:08:3292,477-
9United states Cman2424240:000:08:27-2,517-
10United states Nyx Carnifex0:400:05:29-1,036-
11Chile ☹ M E ☹0:300:08:29-9,862-
 Team Red28:1601:20:55-5,200-
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