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India iGC |[TitaNs]- Ardasatyaa VS. T!^aNs || D3XT3R In Progress
Game Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/32 Players
Map de_inferno_cz de_inferno_cz, 00:08:53 hours
Updated 16. Jan 2018 16:17:15
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1India T!^aNs ||{>K!l} N3xT l}oOR<}016:400:14:163514,810-
2India -=N|M=- Chuck Skull4:100:01:41252,033-
3India HiTmAn 473:300:14:14-9,90434
4India T!^aNs || M@STER MIND2:100:14:16614,4738
5India pAnIcK aTtAcK2:200:07:07-20,9033
6India T!^aNs || Maverick^2:000:14:16-6,64613
7India T@helka1:200:09:0651,705151
8India boby1:200:07:09221,147134
9India T!^aNs || Mehul 20:100:13:3632,103-
10India lal mungiii0:000:14:1723704205
11India T!^aNs || Rohan0:000:14:17-2,156-
12India kpj0:100:14:16392,550-
13India -F[T]L^ | Sk1lleD NooB0:100:01:56-917-
14India JJ0:000:14:1592,419-
15India B___A___l___A___J___I_____0:000:08:29-2,189-
16Malaysia Udang0:100:03:29-300457
17India T!^aNs || D3XT3R0:000:11:23-1,986-
1India T!^aNs || Rohan8:200:05:50434,136-
2India T!^aNs || ~MA|)}{AV~6:400:14:17-14,7139
3India R@ZA3:100:14:1273,708-
4India saad2:100:12:21-983-
5India Rana2:100:02:3051,031-
6India AAHAD BOYZ1:300:14:12-749-
7India Ardasatyaa1:000:14:15641,493-
8India 1111:100:01:4722,166-
9India NOob.1:100:13:09302,378-
10India Ben0:000:14:13-513-
11India the LasTofUS[ProDigy]{-_-}0:100:02:15-4,199-
12India Pk0:000:14:16-1,359-
13India Rana0:000:07:13-1,054-
14India V!pER0:200:14:16-1,667-
15India CrispyFriken0:000:14:16-44,8472
16India T!^aNs || rk10300:100:14:17-2,645122
17India Kingsman0:000:14:16-2,629-
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