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India iGC | ~Un!^Y~ T!^aNs
Game Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
Address  [Connect now]
Players 30/32 Players
Map de_dust2_cz de_dust2_cz, 07:06:34 hours
Updated 17. Mar 2018 17:31:54
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1India T!^aNs ll FL@Sh4:300:23:01707,63773
2India ALeX!S_SaNcheZ<3<34:200:33:4717612,980-
3India JJ2:200:27:03439,762-
4India Kv211:100:30:408010,555-
5India T!^aNs || man of steel1:300:39:211084,930-
6India $_$FURY_THUNDER{-_-}1:100:04:0163,087-
7India T!^aNs || Dasher0:000:02:51-1,505-
8India 'BaBy KA BasE' NISTA RADA {NOOB0:400:21:49-1,720-
9India ACP PRADUMAN0:000:02:37-979-
10Hong kong Kuromi0:100:21:20583,228-
11India hgefddhff0:000:38:061213,759-
12India MADDY0:200:16:2711,322-
1India Tex2:300:11:0881,476-
2India Counter-Strike.Com.Ua2:200:16:37584,223505
3India T!^aNs || -=HITLER=-1:000:00:4968,205-
4India -_-1:200:34:542444,993459
5India T!^aNs || RAMBO1:300:08:1914,131618
6India HunTer1:000:04:53213,261-
7India T!^aNs || -=HITLER=-0:000:02:58-1,699-
8India B A T M A N0:000:01:00-21,973-
9India the LasTofUS[ProDigy]{-_-}0:000:19:23139,125-
10India ReDoX[S]HaDoW0:200:47:01143,518-
11India !! 4KkU !!0:100:13:3119,500-
12India Ronan0:000:31:24424,810-
13India T!^aNs || Maverick^0:100:36:334219,7847
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