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United states NAS | GunSLinGeRs CSDM | gameME |FastDL 1000 FPS/NYC|
Game Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike 1.6
Address  [Connect now]
Players 18 (2)/32 Players
Map de_dust2_2006 de_dust2_2006, 00:09:15 hours
Updated 21. Apr 2018 18:59:27
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states no pasaran!!!14:1000:05:39262,012,538-
2United states Chibs11:900:06:29321,032-
3United states d1-s1ng9:900:09:24571,460,905-
4United states [`HeadShoT`] FiVs8:600:08:09831,476,616-
5United states Forost4:100:02:11111,477,453-
6 Shooter0:400:09:15-0-
7United states [android]Steam[android]0:000:31:2812452,245-
8United states raul0:000:32:187471,747-
9United states [bot] Sasha0:000:33:088051,805-
10United states Jle2oJla3 :30:000:34:48-1,996,147-
11United states RANDOM INCOMPETENT PLAYER0:000:33:3310882,088-
1United states Romeo27:1200:06:04761,076-
2United states ??????????9:700:08:34751,075-
3United states DimaTheSLAYER (RB)4:700:08:59521,052-
4United states ***AMIR***3:500:07:19191,019-
5 MexiSmurf0:300:09:15-0-
6United states --He_y6uBaute_Cra3y--0:000:34:2311242,124-
7United states SubSpace0:000:31:03-1,479,836-
8United states 200:000:33:58-1,998,648-
9United states ????????????????0:000:31:537601,760-
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