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United states 1st Marine Raider Battalion | HLStatsX | FF | Medic |
Game Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 29/32 Players
Map dod_jagd dod_jagd, 00:09:24 hours
Updated 22. Feb 2018 20:04:39
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1France Bruce Lee- FR8:400:09:22722,0071,167
2Australia ›яR‹ Comrade4:400:09:22261,5141,985
3Germany The kraut goes wild2:400:09:22-2,111838
4United kingdom KirkDL2:000:02:1561,192-
5Brazil Dead Master2:100:09:23-87411,589
6France d(-_-)b Hitcher2:300:09:23-2,689239
7United states Hayt2:300:09:2342,124992
8Argentina zE Pibe2:500:09:23191,0474,693
9United states Dr. Reverend Tim Dang Esq.1:300:09:2351,6881,888
10Canada proot1:300:09:23241,5991,904
11Sweden Shaggy1:200:09:23-2,055436
12United states kushman0:100:09:23211,5542,992
13United states JUST_CAUSE0:200:09:23-2,3471,134
14Russian federation ivanovsb270:100:07:1421,6371,740
1Romania SANDOKAN7:100:05:52302,603679
2Canada Bacon4:300:09:2362,0601,136
3United states TOGO4:300:09:23111,3553,037
4Brazil cesaralscs4:200:09:23781,0207,422
5United states Scoolio3:300:08:51-1,6543,683
6United states RED^ARMY3:100:09:23-1,5941,389
7United states Pretty Ricky3:200:09:23231,3263,066
8Canada LoudlesS Ⓐ2:300:09:23-2,514368
9United states Death Knell [SAC]1:200:09:23651,0613,873
10United states QuickDraw1:300:09:23-1,6212,195
11United states acesneakyduckyroar1:000:09:23181,930977
12Saudi arabia Savage1:100:09:18122,535269
13France HeiTheM0:200:09:23-1,00116,984
14Spain Valerian [ESPAÑA]0:000:09:23-1,0257,753
15Denmark Kra'Ko0:200:09:23-1,0109,340
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