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United states [Rushy Servers] Zombie Survival - California #1
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 26/32 Players
Map cp_badlands cp_badlands, 13:06:31 hours
Updated 21. Apr 2018 21:00:46
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states Thicc Jenny6:100:55:1715713,9121,470
2United states Moxotoch Hawkin3:100:27:371971,62810,235
3United states Apollo LFT Medic2:300:07:43162,480-
4Philippines karjavsan2:402:10:452767,9665,436
5United states Matthew G1:201:45:1210645,6341,835
6Singapore Schwi1:102:16:101872,13711,076
7Denmark goldenrobot10:000:19:03251,137-
8United states HiroIsShima0:200:57:49121,08116,889
9Mexico CHE VATO0:200:29:20-979-
10United states AngelicHorns0:400:14:44-1,000-
11United states BluStickPlays0:200:08:08-1,420-
12United states o maley crab0:000:10:14-4,6208,171
13Norway mantas2da0:100:06:24-1,198-
14United kingdom Greencake0:101:21:05671,46515,454
15United states The Ultimate Foot Ninja :30:300:17:35272,23218,660
16United states TrashBEEP!0:000:04:50-1,314-
17Canada YeeTheShpee0:200:51:56734,3538,446
18United states s-19710:200:52:5711,149-
19United kingdom Internetuser195710:100:24:41-6,1539,832
20Thailand jimjim0:000:06:02-1,51423,877
21United states here in my garage0:201:25:571376,38117,573
 Team Blue15:3415:33:29-5,226-
1United states Galactic_Bulge6:000:24:4410212,2304,255
2United states CheesyScrappy2:000:19:48188,2832,090
3United states OddJob2:000:11:22262,797-
4United kingdom CGBGaming1:000:43:0371,07424,657
5Venezuela Kirby1:000:20:08421,16120,040
 Team Red12:001:59:05-5,109-
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