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United states Zombie Survival [Rushy Servers] *California*
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 27/32 Players
Map cp_snakewater_final1, 00:04:13 hours
Updated 28. Apr 2017 02:38:40
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Canada Bad Robot3:200:11:447621,657259
2United states pootisbird1:100:08:19121,706-
3United states topyke1:100:02:24151,698-
4United states Lt.Dan1:000:11:54-99065,359
5Philippines General Granny JoJo0:200:12:51162,9329,236
6 commandad0:000:15:02892,77525,788
7Canada amiyahandseema0:000:03:39-1,06157,780
8Canada ABanzzihga0:100:08:51-1,42621,793
9Mexico Sticky0:200:11:5561,01937,616
10Brunei darussalam Rhaegar0:100:01:08-4,7013,114
11Brazil BAIDU XD0:000:03:26-2,8175,349
12United states Mizery | Senpai0:200:09:14-4,4464,480
 Team Blue6:1201:40:27-3,936-
1United states SeeMeShine4:000:09:58-7,536476
2United states FrostBurn2:000:03:35151,015-
3United states computerkid041:000:03:5081,114-
4United states Underdogfire1:000:07:07-1,49915,047
5Philippines Silent_N_Deadly190:000:11:51641,54428,648
6Australia Martyr0070:000:07:05-4,7353,674
7Mexico 3318DG70:000:07:32-1,07219,025
8United states HummusThing0:000:16:37-1,6096,967
9United states Caligo0:000:11:42-1,8826,441
10 Pie0:000:08:54-999-
11Canada boombox1110:000:05:42-3,1114,580
12United states S U P R E M E 0:000:05:05-1,722-
13United states ST53110:000:09:4761,011-
14Canada Furious George0:000:04:38-4,0634,403
 Team Red8:001:53:23-2,351-
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