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United kingdom | All-Trade 3 | Idle
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 31/32 Players
Map trade_plaza_hg_at2a13d, 02:10:59 hours
Updated 19. Apr 2018 21:19:27
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Netherlands Dr.Wunderbar3:104:03:327942,786-
2Belgium OMG3:100:34:534941,494-
3United kingdom Piggy Porky1:000:14:45182,67322,032
4United kingdom Devilss1:300:04:43111,397-
5Spain Redmonkey-1:400:05:40181,13715,244
6Bulgaria G3 | AzErTo0:200:47:03-1,662-
7United kingdom rly gud prayer0:200:12:32541,043-
8Poland Adam-Erazer0:000:01:04-964-
9United states ⒶComrade Bambi☭0:000:33:021611,756-
10Ukraine Alice0:000:12:47-1,733-
11Netherlands anton_dimitri2005@yandex.ru0:000:05:20-4,512-
12United states Chief Queef0:000:14:33-1,765-
 Team Blue9:1307:09:54-1,910-
1Bulgaria AestheticDreamer4:301:02:042032,205-
2United states Kwahd3:000:02:28108,208-
3United kingdom | L.A.R |3:300:22:40-6,032-
4Algeria MR K3:102:48:4110062,006-
6Romania Frost1:100:19:33591,559-
7Hungary Flutterstyle or Shy1:000:53:18-5,303-
8Netherlands the guide of revenge1:000:18:09-5,208-
9United states BLiNX THE TiME SWEEPER0:000:55:14-1,579-
10Germany iTrade ™ | Quickselling0:002:13:18-2,666-
11United kingdom Nukeylukeyy S> 2 Unusuals0:000:17:03-347-
12Poland FoxBoss0:001:56:44-5,342-
13Belgium Mr_Perspyko0:001:42:26-3,616-
14United states jake0:000:06:06-2,442-
15Ireland a yellow bear0:000:21:24-4,28614,691
16Turkey Verti0:001:10:42912,920-
17United states Cpt. Funk & the Boogie Brigade0:000:01:53-1,35911,285
18Switzerland CrashTheSystem0:000:20:57-7,438-
 Team Red17:814:57:46-3,581-
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