gameME Stats

gameME Stats is a service to keep track of the players of one or multiple gameservers. A webpage containing the statistical information, ingame queries and several other features are offered through gameME Stats without the need to install any software on the gameserver.
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Aggressive Pricing

Aggressive Pricing
More Information

Cost Examples

1 Gameserver5 USD/mo.
2 Gameservers6 USD/mo.
3 Gameservers7 USD/mo.
4 Gameservers8 USD/mo.
5 Gameservers9 USD/mo.

Payment Methods

Costs inclusive of VAT. No shipping fees.


Gameserver Address :
Rcon Password
The rcon password is required to be able to communicate with the gameserver and display messages ingame. The password is submitted encrypted, saved secured and will be treated confidentially.
Admin Plugin
A domain is required to find and access the website with rankings and statistics. It is possible to use a subdomain of, so it is not necessary to have an own domain. However, you can also set your own domain or change the domain setting later within the control panel like any other option.


Confirm Email
Since this email address is the only possibility for us to contact you, please make sure it is correct. Also, make sure you can receive emails, your mailbox is not full and no SPAM rules are blocking our emails.
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