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France  ████ ZOMBIE REVIVAL ███ |
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 22 (3)/64 Players
Map zm_papys_aperos_valley_f!nal, 00:07:39 hours
Updated 17. Jun 2019 20:15:32
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1France shurkana1:000:16:55-1,000-
2Germany WARNING!!!***Performance***1:000:10:5162,440-
3United states John0:000:06:1141,230-
4Russian federation GIMME THE BAN BIG OLD BORROW0:000:28:27-1,002-
5Philippines ★קaקys★ Dougz Mac0:002:04:33101,28655,804
6Ukraine dimas0:000:11:52101,199-
7Russian federation IRLANDEC 630:000:36:23-72589,740
8Argentina Newbie0:000:16:22-966104,428
9Russian federation Tlb XYILO0:100:01:13-991-
10 < Hedge Hog0:000:00:34-0-
11Brazil wendell0:000:39:08131,804-
12France loloshoot280:000:11:2021,068-
1Russian federation sрirik1:000:08:0051,873-
2Tunisia Bob {TRADING}0:000:26:29-91945,930
3Portugal LETRA Newbiedrere6w50:100:09:49-78872,316
4Iran, islamic republic of Thanos0:001:00:51-958-
5Slovenia Ferrari 355 Spider F10:002:10:37-780-
6Pakistan mussawir0:000:07:51-860-
7 [HG] Lebowski "Dude"0:000:00:33-0-
8 xXSamPlummerXx0:000:00:36-0-
9 For-css.Ru0:000:00:23-0-
10Russian federation KoBapHblu_Tu/70:000:47:28-2,990-
11 MONSTAAAA0:000:01:45-0-
12Norway xAn ™0:001:33:56-89158,365
13 MarcoServ.ru0:000:01:42-0-
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