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United states Day Care | 2FORT | FAST | NO ADS
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 24/25 Players
Map ctf_2fort ctf_2fort, 02:17:02 hours
Updated 21. Jul 2019 20:18:20
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Mexico Cap No3:000:36:1425824,9112,065
2United states Generic Tutorial2:402:16:56-69726,100
3United states -[MS Owner]- Sir Matrix [GR]1:200:02:3925,042-
4United states The Assassin1:201:06:48613,68132,423
5United states Pyrotechnic Pancakes1:300:49:57576,3945,395
6United states Nazi Simulator1:000:44:55179101,015285
7Canada rulactor1:400:18:40593,9202,997
8United states Link1:100:34:53112,36524,318
9Mexico bunnelby0:100:08:3136130,4051,200
10United states The Tides0:002:16:433341,8276,825
11United states ShiroTheGeek0:001:47:09220151,5641,133
12United states ShutaStella0:100:21:486775,3011,917
 Team Blue11:1811:05:13-43,094-
1United states PussyBacon3:500:15:351162,80315,967
2United states MAICHO3:400:36:133324,6733,825
3United states Salamander man3:500:23:162138,6004,299
4United states 5p3c0p53:201:52:0532046,3093,271
5United states 1232:200:08:49-11,6554,758
6United states TheRussianator2:101:11:43179108,820537
7United states Richard Long2:300:39:40287,0948,009
8United states Koakid2:200:14:58-99528,094
9Canada stan from american father1:100:31:333920,75326,426
10Mexico Moxie noob soldier0:200:40:5122939,414577
11United kingdom [AOM] Ghetto Muppet0:000:32:3016753,3242,017
12United states britain0:000:40:261834,0045,721
 Team Red21:2707:47:39-28,204-
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