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United states 6th Rangers Battalion PUB | gameME | Medic | FF
Game Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 27/32 Players
Map dod_donner dod_donner, 07:16:32 hours
Updated 17. Jun 2019 19:56:32
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states mittens [101AB]6:800:52:50742,246359
2 Yahoi3:401:21:43-9444,754
3Sweden ™Weazzy2:200:10:50-5,576278
4Canada Hunter-pillager2:200:43:48-1,1716,403
5United states Radovan Karadzic2:100:06:19-993-
6United states Sgt. Peppers1:000:12:22-1,4511,409
7Denmark Simpson Aka Mustard of Doom1:101:12:261801,914842
8United states βλttle Řλttle [SAC]1:101:38:543056,493227
9Peru Koji1:600:12:06-97913,875
10United states Col. Smeal0:400:03:35-729-
11Sweden Sourcream and pancakemix0:001:23:132123,417113
12United states <|SYP|> COYOTE0:300:07:15-9092,401
13United states the batman |ßÄЯ|0:100:06:58-698-
1United kingdom Viva Maduro6:200:38:41-8543,595
2Canada Flag Martyr [SAC]6:101:25:52-1,925215
3United states WildCat6:200:15:34-1,1293,986
4France PrZzz6:200:09:13401,1272,148
5United states Bulldog5:300:04:0010973-
6Malta Kevin The Cunt3:400:24:02-9315,425
7United states Patterson^3:101:05:471873,769146
8United states cordialdud3:300:24:34-1,6722,704
9Ukraine {FwF} coo_zoo3:200:13:39111,2931,953
10United states Force Whut? =/1:100:38:251322,125185
11Sweden StompingBaker1:201:01:28251,0253,364
12United states Woundwart1:100:56:36-1,3092,417
13Brazil Choco Thief0:000:02:11-4,148-
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