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United states [MAGA] CLUTCH OR GET REKT! | Push 128 Tick! | Ultimate 1
Game Insurgency 2014 Insurgency 2014
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/32 Players
Map panj panj, 00:28:10 hours
Updated 24. Jul 2019 07:56:27
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Germany kmd25:200:14:41471,04915,016
2United states Godreich4:200:44:433073,0115,337
3United states ROUGE PANDA1:100:21:0910465,103405
4United states l92vince1:400:45:4423123,310826
5United states (MAGA)BOOGY MAN1:700:26:37-11,56330,804
6United states Twiggy0:300:11:45175,778-
7China 11813880960:100:03:39-1,911-
8New zealand At least I'm not yellow0:200:08:48-1,051-
9Jamaica GoldCashew0:201:55:0454016,140941
10Brazil THIS ETHAN!!0:100:02:25-3,567-
11United states BlandMilkGamez0:400:06:52-1,885-
12United states CAUCASIANTHUNDA0:100:16:318894,689-
13Kazakstan Den0:200:13:1543,5304,173
14United states Hades XIII0:202:10:169571,957975
15United states Refugee Boat0:002:16:5164651,429304
1United states CannonFodder SV8:100:15:338927,651195
2United states CEX LON6:200:16:557664,590202
3United states autismo5:101:25:007277,4705,078
4United states joaquim4:100:44:1919859,79265
5United states ñoño4:002:16:0271823,347861
6United states jordy.millertime3:301:29:2343253,245153
7United states [MAGA] Ignite לנדסי3:200:22:591880,562623
8United states NKUNDA2:203:03:51743119,368356
9United states CarlosDutty2:200:57:404222,16529,841
10United states Windex2:100:59:4226619,7261,739
11Mexico Le Graisse2:000:05:4951,005-
12Mexico FPW-THRM1:200:28:0395130,005123
13Mexico josemaster0:001:19:0123059,766108
14Pakistan [GAY] Catch^me0:000:28:1585100,360111
15United states 12th Dimensional Reptillian Dab0:201:58:314498,22835,090
16United states Young Metro0:000:05:22183,898-
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