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United states NAS | GunSLinGeRs CSDM | gameME |FastDL 1000 FPS/NYC|
Game Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike 1.6
Address  [Connect now]
Players 25 (2)/32 Players
Map awp_india awp_india, 00:09:07 hours
Updated 19. May 2019 15:35:33
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states RK|Zver16:1800:08:47511,051-
2United states LEEmOOn11:1700:09:02-995-
3United states Pissed Off9:1000:08:27211,021-
4United states Fortoviy_DN9:900:08:52-1,300,907-
5United states Sims8:1400:08:57331,033-
6United states CroX7:800:08:37451,045-
7United states L3Go7:900:08:17-1,267,167-
8United states AttAckA0:000:33:513291,329-
9 Brandon70:400:08:58-0-
10United states Joker0:000:34:064311,431-
11United states Lord0:000:34:161901,190-
12United states kuzon180:000:33:362451,245-
13United states KAPNHA0:000:33:462541,254-
14United states AADI PC0:000:34:21-1,415,083-
1France KamiqZan30:300:22:295161,703-
2United states SxFxVx2323:600:15:32528253,547-
3United states Simbioz14:1900:08:32441,044-
4United states WTF?14:1300:09:07581,058-
5United states csline12:900:08:221021,102-
6United states FRANKINSHTEIN9:1200:08:42971,097-
7United states Make me Laugh0:000:34:26-1,277,46891,267
8United states Fury0:000:34:013711,371-
9United states aimpriest0:000:34:113011,301-
10United states [8]0:000:33:413011,301-
11 DigitalvXv0:1600:08:58-0-
12United states Alex0:000:33:565741,574-
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