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Germany #09 | Deathrun
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 27/32 Players
Map dr_mlg_bearun_b3_fix, 00:14:20 hours
Updated 24. Jun 2019 16:38:37
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Czech republic presl@1:000:08:47-1,000-
 Team Blue1:000:08:47-1,000-
1Romania Cip | the true5:000:53:531946,604-
2Israel Shadow ℬanana0:100:26:10471,841-
3Netherlands ♥Latiroth Giovanni Souldew♥0:000:12:04-1,134-
4Hungary s e b i : 30:000:03:57-2,824-
5France Rekwass0:000:20:3394,46043,982
6Greece dimdimak0:100:04:23-8,635-
7Czech republic Lukoliinoo0:100:36:182910,017-
8Poland silverangel ♪♥Nightcore♥0:200:09:07-3,297-
9Israel 󰀍Vex󰀍0:000:11:42-994-
10Norway Tiny Jungo0:101:14:413216,349-
11Poland Night Owl0:000:01:45-19,090-
12United states nugget0:002:07:061301,55765,181
13Lithuania Chicken0:100:54:31355,551-
14Germany 07alex850:000:05:15-1,371-
15France [wz] syberre0:100:16:06-1,367-
16Poland Garbaty0:100:04:25-1,164-
17Finland rampe0:000:02:55-1,126-
18Czech republic Ms. Marigore0:100:01:28-2,987-
19Czech republic Plastok0:100:06:07-99869,327
20Germany Lil Kitten0:100:27:503219,87589,192
21Poland Ojciec Syna0:100:36:518113,70458,012
22Czech republic Mr.Klobása0:100:02:57-19,030-
23Israel Pundø0:100:12:07621,183-
24Russian federation Инсульт жопы0:000:04:31-5,738-
25Serbia ♫-Mita-507-♫0:001:07:54641,493-
26Romania :>0:000:01:32-1,417-
27Russian federation oposdal ❤0:100:03:21-35,74146,042
 Team Red5:1610:29:29-7,020-
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