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Serbia Fatality Family | Public
Game Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike 1.6
Address  [Connect now]
Players 29 (2)/32 Players
Map de_inferno de_inferno, 00:04:55 hours
Updated 24. Jun 2019 17:30:16
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Serbia N5C4 skankhunt SHOW6:200:07:204216,429965
2Montenegro Lanser4:100:04:54111,111-
3Serbia very rare.4:300:05:306110,3661,740
4Serbia Can u stfu?4:200:19:403655,6786,078
5Bosnia and herzegovina syn. MRI#4:100:19:015925,253718
6Iran, islamic republic of snap3:300:05:09372,59318,776
7Serbia DEda_Mraz3:200:04:57739,683298
8Serbia 7772:300:04:57-23,198693
9Serbia dodji1:200:05:20414,7752,996
10Serbia C.RONALDO^PORTUGAL^1:201:05:353241,37713,025
11Iran, islamic republic of ZEUS0:200:04:03-1,026153,024
12Brazil Maori0:000:01:13-997-
13Serbia aleksandra simic0:100:03:43-26,281126
14Serbia insane0:000:01:20-8,889-
15Bosnia and herzegovina Adel0:000:01:36-1,000-
16Brazil OFFICIAL - [58057]0:200:05:47-1,000-
1Macedonia, the former yugoslav r Feth*6:300:19:411018,311737
2Serbia `bejbibejbi5:300:10:421522,7506,366
3Serbia chx.c1k@ uRk3 =X4:200:10:585030,296538
4Serbia Matrix;-*4:300:06:13925,521432
5Macedonia, the former yugoslav r savage3:400:04:58329,758439
6Serbia rastko2:200:04:55350,328321
7Tunisia noob1:100:03:2541,004-
8Serbia elixir /L/1:300:15:392228,433761
9Serbia Kashin Wu1:200:15:37-23,2541,523
10Serbia DED-A MRNJAO MRNJAO1:301:09:4711724,151932
11Sweden prebba1:300:10:14883,7042,506
12India iMoRTaL | GoD OF WaR(Nikhil)0:300:07:18198,0754,690
13Romania panda0:000:01:01-1,043-
14Macedonia, the former yugoslav r sadasd0:000:02:04-1,002-
15Serbia BUZA0:000:01:49-18,80995
16Algeria arab dz0:300:04:52-997-
17Bosnia and herzegovina Klosar0:300:28:482130,108838
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