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United states |L.O.T|[DM FFA India #1]128Tick[!ws !knife]
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 16/16 Players
Map de_mirage de_mirage, 07:14:54 hours
Updated 24. Jun 2019 17:20:14
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1India u ded? u gey HERETiC24:2500:43:571888,409-
2India ✪ CuBe24:1200:24:0613327,356-
3India coldsweat16:1600:04:071232,612-
4India ✪ RaizoGod...!15:1700:31:081159,487-
5India ESL CS subodhk9:1700:21:28452,909-
6India Afaan4:800:11:20-6,252-
7India clouda2:200:03:05134,184-
8India ventus0:000:03:07-3,151-
9India Twistzz0:000:04:11-8,611-
10India Lmao0:000:09:31362,600-
1India LuckyRF29:1700:33:1627023,574-
2India 𝓡𝓚𝓸21:1700:03:582627,392-
3India Mr.Sιиιѕтєя17:2200:09:56-2,822-
4India yb+15:1500:21:5413913,302-
5India |Malevolent| Sasher12:900:27:391759,776-
6India akyb9x || A S H U R A ╰_╯8:1500:17:317612,239-
7India Vaginal Discharge6:200:01:5391,034-
8India SendNudess Andy5:300:01:3965,882-
9India MojoRojo0:000:01:45-1,078-
10India OhJeeezRick0:000:03:55-7,2588,158
11India DK0:000:01:55-2,594-
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