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United states illegal Adaptive bots !
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 8 (13)/43 Players
Map de_dust2 de_dust2, 00:02:38 hours
Updated 24. Jul 2019 07:50:09
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states Tupac10:200:31:3171336,392-
2United states _crazy_lol_5:200:22:467793,465-
3United states ɪllegʌL [ᴀ] Torr5:000:32:07934118,13129,465
4United states BMES_mike1281424:000:30:4572959,424-
5Argentina Arg Cigaro2:100:17:0630522,36731,217
6United states Z3R02:001:35:368455,963-
7United states Head of Security2:100:29:2994041,973-
8United states ɪllegʌL [ᴀ] Dizzy1:100:52:29135043,146-
1 illegaL. 3Red_Skull2:200:02:07162,026-
2 illegaL. 2Han_Solo2:200:02:07204,206-
3 illegaL. 3Cat_Woman1:200:02:07-3,880-
4 illegaL. 1Mr_Nibbles1:100:01:11182,312-
5 illegaL. 3Harley_Quinn1:100:02:0724,704-
6 illegaL. 3Dr_Phill1:300:02:2849,257-
7 illegaL. 3Fire_Marshall_Bill1:200:02:0753,524-
8 illegaL. 3Tony_Montana0:200:02:07-6,776-
9 illegaL. 2Jack_Sparrow0:200:02:07-3,011-
10 illegaL. 3Hans_Gruber0:000:00:49-3,429-
11 illegaL. 1Ironman0:100:01:11-1,364-
12 illegaL. 1Pinhead0:200:02:07-246-
13 illegaL. 1Thor0:200:02:45-818-
14 illegaL. 3James0:200:02:07-6,584-
15 illegaL. 1Elway0:100:02:07-0-
16 illegaL. 2JarJarBinks0:200:02:07-1,839-
17 illegaL. 2Clark_Griswold0:100:01:11-2,807-
18 illegaL. 2Donald_Trump0:100:01:11-2,293-
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