How to setup the gameME Plugin for SourceMod?



To get the gameME Plugin running it is required to have the plugins MetaMod: Source ( and SourceMod ( installed on your gameserver.

Plugins - Links
MetaMod: SourceWebpageDownloadInstallation
gameME Plugin-DownloadDevelopment

The current setup status can be checked with the menu "Account"->"Account Check" within the control-panel.

Please ensure, to always use the latest stable release of SourceMod and MetaMod: Source!

gameME Plugin Installation/Update

To install or update the plugin the following steps are required:
  • Download Plugin
  • Copy the directories "plugins" and "translations" of the download archive into the main directory of your SourceMod installation
  • Restart your gameserver
  • Setup the commands for the gameME Plugin within the control panel of your gameME Stats account

Note: The plugin "gameme_messages.sp" to demonstrate the access to the raw message interface should only be copied and setup if the interface is really used.

Recent Changes

5th June 2018 [V4.8.1]

  • Added CSGO steam community clantag logging
  • Added capture/destroy logging for Insurgency
  • Added new weapon bowie knife for CSGO
  • Added Danish translation of ingame menus
  • Minor syntax changes
  • Compiled against

3rd January 2016 [V4.7.2]

  • Fixed: Wrong weapon logging constant
  • Compiled against 1.7.3-dev+5280

3rd January 2016 [V4.7.1]

  • Added new weapons for CSGO
  • Fixed: Accuracy tracking for CSGO
  • Minor changes
  • Compiled against 1.7.3-dev+5280

13th November 2015 [V4.6.1]

  • Added new weapons for Insurgency 2014
  • Added Portuguese translations of ingame menus
  • Minor changes
  • Compiled against 1.7.3-dev+5275

5th March 2015 [V4.5.1]

  • Added game support for Insurgency 2014 (headshots, accuracy, kill-assists and more)
  • Completed csgo role logging
  • Enabled csgo motd support
  • Added Spanish translations of ingame menus
  • Removed support of mod Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat
  • Minor changes

4th May 2014 [V4.4.2]

  • Fixed: Wrong ingame menu usage

2nd May 2014 [V4.4.1]

  • Added client query of variable "cl_connectmethod" to know how the players have connected
  • Added "Reset Statistics" to player menu (gameME menu)
  • Added Polish/Russian/Serbian translations of ingame menus
  • Allow weapon damage display panels to be closed with every number key (0-9)
  • Replaced deprecated function "GuessSDKVersion" with "GetEngineVersion"
  • Fixed: Hook events too often for some games on map change
  • Minor changes

23th January 2013 [V4.3]

  • CSGO: Added support for new protobuf user messages
  • Fixed: Wrong syntax in gameme include file
  • Minor changes


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