Current players in the gameME network

Which commands are available ingame?

Ingame Chat/Hud

rank [skill, points, place (to all)] Current Position
kpd [kdratio, kdeath (to all)] Total Player Statistics
session [session_data (to all)] Current Session Statistics
top10 [top5, top20] Top-Players in the ranking
next Players ahead in the ranking
gameme_auto clear|start|end|kill command Auto-Command on specific event (on death, roundstart, roundend)
gameme_display 0|1 Enable or disable displaying console events
gameme_chat 0|1 Enable or disable the displaying of global chat events (if enabled)
gameme_reset 0|1 Reset own player stats (if enabled)
gameme_lang en|de|ru|es|fr|pt|nl|dk|pl Changed language of gameME Stats ingame messages manually

Ingame Browser

load Statistics from all Servers
status Current Server Status
servers List of all participating servers
clans Clan Ranking
cheaters Banned players (e.g. by Valve-Anti-Cheat)
statsme Statistic summary of calling player
weapons [weapon] Weapons Usage
accuracy Weapons Accuracy
targets [target] Target Hit Positions
kills [kill, player_kills] Kill statistics (5 or more kills)
actions [action] Server Actions Summary
help [cmd, cmds, commands] Help Screen

Not in all supported games an internal browser is available. Therefore, on such games browser commands are not available.


  • All commands are available with the command prefixes "/" or "!" too! For example, the commands "!rank" or "/statsme" are valid as well.
  • If the gameME Stats monitored gameserver uses the gameME Plugin an ingame menu can be opened while typing "gameme" or "gameme_menu" in the chat area to access all gameME Stats commands easily.
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