How to access data of gameME Stats in server plugins?



The raw message interface provides access for gameserver plugins to realtime player/server data from any gameME Stats account. Developers and gameserver administrators can now enrich server plugins with gameME Stats data or customize the ingame appearance of gameME Stats. Some ideas what is possible:

  • Customize ingame messages of gameME Stats.
  • Check player rank on connect and give best-ranked players a special model.
  • Announce best players with sounds on connect.
  • Create team balancer based on gameME Stats data.
  • Integrate gameME Stats data to any plugin.
  • Display stats data while spectacting a player (inbuilt in gameME Plugin v3.4).
  • Much more!

The raw message interface was introduced in gameME Plugin v3.4 for SourceMod. Currently, only SourceMod is supported. The interface offers various benefits compared to other data access layers:

  • Works in realtime, the data is always up-to-date.
  • Direct access to the gameME Stats data.
  • No overhead to use data layers to access data.
  • No blocking within plugins, also no threading required.
  • Message handling is done in external plugins, this ensures to be compatible on further gameME Plugin updates.


The interface supports two types of accessing gameME Stats data:

If you want to customize ingame messages for "rank", "top10", "next", etc. commands you have to access the interface by natives within your own plugin. If you however want to retrieve stats data on a certain event/time in your plugin, you have to access the raw message interface by callbacks. Both types can also be used simultaneously.

In the sub directory "raw_messages" within the download archive of the gameME Plugin an example file "gameme_messages.sp" is available. To compile the plugin it is required to copy the file "" into the "include" sub directory of the "scripting" directory on your SourceMod installation. The core plugin "gameme.sp" does not need to be changed.

Important Note: If you want to access gameME Stats by natives, you need to setup the account option "AMX Style Menus" to "gameme_raw_message"!


  • This documentation refers to the latest stable version of the gameME Plugin.
  • If the core plugin (gameME Plugin) is reloaded/unloaded, plugins accessing the raw message interface have to be reloaded on reactivation of the core plugin.
  • The inbuilt messages of gameME Stats are displayed faster, because there is no handling overhead for gameservers.
  • If you have created a cool SourceMod plugin using gameME Stats data you would like to share on this page, please contact us within the support-ticket-system or at our contact formular.
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