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The following summary should reflect the exciting history of gameME Stats in the last couple of years. The project started in 2005 as HLstatsX with our famous hosting service HLstatsX Premium. With the fantastic support of the community we were able to introduce the world of real-time statistics to Half-Life 1/2 & Mods! Today, our service is provided under the trademark gameME Stats which supports many games of different game engines.

How it's all started (2001 - 2005)

In 2001 Simon Garner started the revolutionary project called HLstats which introduced for the first time real-time statistics to Half-Life 1 gameservers. Simon resigned in the year 2004 and the project lead was moved to UnitedAdmins - during this time a famous and reliable source for gameserver administrators.

After the release of the game Counter-Strike: Source on 1st November 2004 for the Half-Life 2 engine we started in February 2005 to help to improve the Half-Life 2 support for HLstats and contributed some bugfixes and new features for version v1.31/v1.32. During March 2005 we create a fork of HLstats and the project HLstatsX was born.

First Public Release (18th March 2005)

We released the first public version of HLstatsX on 18th March 2005! HLstatsX was very unique as it had its focus on Half-Life 2 games and to display real-time ingame messages to the players. Within the next few weeks after the first release a couple of new improvements were added and we started to introduce our global services.

Right from the beginning, the community asked for a hosting service since the system requirements were special because shell and database access on the system were needed. As a result, we started our hosting service, formerly known as HLstatsX Premium. Today, the corresponding successor is our service gameME Stats!

Native Ingame Plugin Support (2005 - 2007)

The messages of the first versions of HLstatsX were limited and it was not possible to display advanced ingame messages to players. This has changed dramatically once HLstatsX got native support of the ingame plugins Mani-Admin-Plugin and Beetlesmod. Later, on 22nd May 2007 support for SourceMod was added with our very own ingame plugin.
During this time we worked countless nights together with the core developers of the mentioned plugins to add many functions all known real-time statistic systems still use today.

Progress of HLstatsX Premium (2007 - 2010)

Our last public HLstatsX release was published on 18th June 2007. After this release we focused solely on our hosting service HLstatsX Premium because public releases became too time-consuming. Additionally, the project design/code didn't really scale and had to be reworked.

We decided to start working on gameME and began from the scratch. This decision included major changes like building a complete new control panel, a new stats tracker, as well as, building a new well performing web framework. This took quite some time, but it was the right decision and definitely worth to create a very unique, reliable and secure structure. Today, we benefit from these new structures every day - this was really a big step!

At the same time, we started to enrich our global services with important functions like automated VAC banlist sychronization, most accurate geo data resolution, reliable global stats tracking, powerful xml API interfaces, ingame message interfaces and many more. Also, we started to work with our strong partners HLSW and SteamBans to help server operators to administrate their gameservers.

gameME Stats (2010 - Today)

We launched the new trademark gameME Stats on 29th January 2010 which replaced our former service HLstatsX Premium. With our new rock solid system we are now able to add a lot of new features very quickly to gameME Stats!
Today, we are still working every day to improve the gameME Stats experience for all of our customers and we are looking forward to add many exciting features. If you would like to contribute any feature request, please do not hesitate to contact us at our contact formular.
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