Season Statistics

GeneralSeason 50 (Summer 2018)Season 49 (Spring 2018)
Player Count968,800 Players1,095,153 Players
Total Kills151,886,088 Kills160,065,126 Kills
Time Played374 years 271 days 09:16:02 hours443 years 197 days 16:28:01 hours
Total Connects15,483,170 Connects18,494,204 Connects

Top PlayersSeason 50 (Summer 2018)Season 49 (Spring 2018)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 KHTULU with 3,092 pointsPoland vontoda with 4,479 points
Battlefield HardlineMacedonia, the Former Yugoslav R ninjakiller71777 with 3,078 points-
Battlefield 4United States Sntaaa with 5,611 pointsUkraine Hipper_NotGuilty with 8,663 points
Battlefield 3Brazil [Mvp] 1RafaelGL with 3,704 pointsKorea, Republic of CacheMemory with 4,940 points
Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveSweden atre with 6,116 pointsRussian Federation phxemad with 5,980 points
Counter-Strike: SourceRussian Federation _[HAC★PATЬ]_ .l... with 11,308 pointsRussian Federation .Ahuyanna brat... with 11,009 points
Counter-Strike 1.6Canada o_^ with 6,483 pointsRussian Federation -kpik- with 6,128 points
Counter-Strike: Condition ZeroIndia The Dark Knight with 4,647 pointsIndia Sed aim with 6,423 points
Day of Defeat 1.3Finland Tussuttelija[FIN] with 3,976 pointsFinland |OUTLAW| Tussut... with 4,114 points
Day of Defeat: SourceGermany LX with 3,465 pointsFinland FF-badnesst with 3,065 points
Half-Life 2: DeathmatchUnited States Ģoddêss ǿf Ŵar with 3,045 pointsSpain bit with 2,697 points
Insurgency 2014United States אלכסנדר with 3,016 points-
Medal of Honor Warfighter--
Left 4 DeadRussian Federation dokushev.alexandr with 14,202 pointsKazakstan Hentai-kun with 26,131 points
Left 4 Dead 2Singapore HO with 1,187,367 pointsMalaysia [W²] sukasuka f... with 729,114 points
Team Fortress 2Finland [FM]Bassomies7 with 38,672 pointsRussian Federation ТАБ [WSS] with 54,388 points
Team Fortress ClassicUnited Kingdom pzy with 1,254 pointsUnited Kingdom _Paft with 1,273 points
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