Season Statistics

GeneralSeason 45 (Spring 2017)Season 44 (Winter 2017)
Player Count1,079,094 Players1,209,201 Players
Total Kills193,845,100 Kills258,147,981 Kills
Time Played510 years 281 days 12:11:08 hours644 years 119 days 22:13:31 hours
Total Connects22,106,024 Connects28,688,941 Connects

Top PlayersSeason 45 (Spring 2017)Season 44 (Winter 2017)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2Poland vontoda with 3,153 pointsBrazil OSS-SLASH with 3,557 points
Battlefield HardlineFinland pizzamonster9000 with 3,071 points-
Battlefield 4Canada KETOMASTA with 6,472 pointsUnited States [PBnJ] Skrubmaz... with 9,848 points
Battlefield 3Korea, Republic of IpsBritz with 3,750 pointsEgypt rooney33354 with 4,726 points
Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveRussian Federation Ais? with 6,590 pointsSweden SD© Cory csgolo... with 13,433 points
Counter-Strike: SourceRussian Federation [ODMS' team] .l... with 7,484 pointsRussian Federation [ODMS' team] .l... with 8,668 points
Counter-Strike 1.6United States z34L'o't /d/ with 6,179 pointsUnited States K0M847K with 6,498 points
Counter-Strike: Condition ZeroIndia -=]Ron[=-^`MUMBAI with 5,239 pointsIndia bLAck_L@sER <3... with 5,985 points
Day of Defeat 1.3Finland |OUTLAW|Tussutt... with 3,809 pointsGermany |OUTLAW| The_Cl... with 3,558 points
Day of Defeat: SourceRussian Federation 100pudov with 3,699 pointsRussian Federation Tsepesh with 5,037 points
Half-Life 2: DeathmatchUnited States ₦ĘΘ with 2,882 pointsUnited States Ratman with 2,996 points
Insurgency 2014United States Virus Detected with 3,236 points-
Medal of Honor Warfighter--
Left 4 DeadRussian Federation REVOLUTION with 41,357 pointsFrance ĜoġεŦα £зβяθη м√p with 188,455 points
Left 4 Dead 2Peru orlando el gran... with 160,938 pointsUnited States Ativ with 454,382 points
Team Fortress 2Finland [FM]Bassomies7 with 49,516 pointsFinland [FM]Bassomies7 with 89,014 points
Team Fortress ClassicSweden intern with 1,817 pointsGermany Steppenwolf with 1,963 points
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