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Brazil On Nightmare | gameME
Game Left 4 Dead 2 Left 4 Dead 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 16 (2)/18 Players
Map c10m1_caves c10m1_caves, 00:06:49 hours
Updated 22. Jul 2018 23:58:07
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Brazil andretke31:000:16:029640,412-
2Peru kumal31:000:19:0224913,199-
3Peru lllllllllllllllllllll29:000:11:161276,636875
4Brazil Buttowski20:000:09:33896,299-
5Brazil alexandre.ap.honorio11:000:16:33535,332-
6Bolivia selenita8:000:32:452787,247-
7Argentina Max Sabbath5:000:53:19502166,930-
8Bolivia ozzyoso2:000:32:031236,969-
9Turkey aP's2:000:46:39651186,380-
10Brazil GoD_M/\5T3R1:000:13:56995,446-
11Peru :v1:001:00:52938397,058-
12 Zoey0:000:03:56-0-
13Brazil nao sou o nick0:000:14:0117672,426-
14United states Selene0:000:12:39147438,310-
15 (4)Zoey0:000:05:56-0-
16Mexico Engineer_Nova0:000:03:11-260,831-
17Bolivia Grimorum0:000:02:09-1,000-
18Peru m47h145 71700:000:03:23-2,502-
19United states pryingwharf0:000:04:1961,006-
20United states [BWPMC]<Insert Name Here>0:000:01:40-30,950-
1 Smoker0:000:01:16-0-
2 Spitter0:000:01:30-0-
3 Jockey0:000:01:15-0-
4 Charger0:000:01:19-0-
5 Boomer0:000:01:16-0-
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