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Singapore Nietono no Shana - Turbine [instaspawn]
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 22/32 Players
Map ctf_turbine ctf_turbine, 06:53:38 hours
Updated 23. Oct 2017 06:24:09
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Singapore Itach!12:400:04:06-11,969-
2Australia Smug3:401:17:523821,414-
3Indonesia 「Sky」2:600:13:51-4,460-
4Philippines Kairu2:100:05:4693,949-
5 I AM JOKER1:100:26:04531,05330,838
6Philippines {QBS}_4_You1:100:01:47-4,528-
7Malaysia Makai Bros0:200:09:17-1,2109,403
8 nitiya_020:000:56:332491,728-
9Thailand ∑lixir0:100:26:24181,018-
10Singapore TheEpicOne720:000:01:1121,025-
 Team Blue21:2003:42:51-3,235-
1Singapore djoriginal6:400:37:02461,019-
2Singapore CADeen4:100:11:09351,024-
3Australia Kyro3:601:08:441971,239-
4Thailand I'm hot2:200:54:242781,821-
5Thailand ไปปาก1:200:25:53-6,094-
6Mexico =WL= Bender1:200:16:161061,420-
7Thailand .`[S]:"IQ":.|1:100:49:541741,210-
8Singapore Grim Reaper0:000:01:2311,001-
9United states Biscuits0:000:00:49-1,000-
10Thailand SkyDark0:000:15:5311950-
11Philippines (G.E.W.P) Taxi Man 3600:000:04:56-1,088-
12 nidza6460:100:01:44-998-
 Team Red18:1904:48:07-1,572-
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