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Singapore Nietono no Shana - Turbine [instaspawn]
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 23/32 Players
Map ctf_turbine ctf_turbine, 18:59:00 hours
Updated 20. Jul 2018 18:34:39
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states teddy12:201:11:246448,325-
2Singapore ギンブルP5:601:08:4710673,094-
3Philippines BIA Alpha Sharpshooter5:200:26:19-25,883-
4Indonesia zZz2:900:24:0631999-
5Singapore ♥ Pony.2:501:11:274965,806-
6India vivekhariharan42:000:49:021696,579-
7Thailand Senor Whiskey1:000:45:3411421,749-
8Indonesia Hot Fuzz - Quel1:201:49:273807,519-
9Thailand ogame20090:202:53:461998,079-
10Malaysia froby0:102:38:0273420,113-
11Hong kong Dani0:100:01:38-2,256-
12Indonesia Barney0:000:43:264212,334-
 Team Blue30:3014:02:58-10,228-
1Sri lanka .:Ravian NoHomo Sapien:.6:402:04:1443116,325-
2Philippines Aver6:501:18:0311745,634-
3Philippines blink5:300:11:043914,114-
4Malaysia Chase94:100:33:26-15,508-
5Singapore 『WaffleIron』3:101:23:58206139,639-
6Philippines p1ggy1:102:25:3314814,108-
7Hong kong ImaginaryCroc1:200:14:111102,430-
8Malaysia CR4SH1:200:14:04-14,479-
9Iran, islamic republic of m.takaloo20200:500:04:58-992-
10Thailand Narakera0:000:18:561651,187-
11Malaysia 『Cr∀sh』0:203:08:24740137,141-
 Team Red27:2611:56:51-32,869-
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