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Singapore Nietono no Shana - 2Fort [instaspawn]
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/32 Players
Map ctf_2fort ctf_2fort, 06:53:06 hours
Updated 23. Oct 2017 06:23:11
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Singapore Rusty METAL9:300:27:511838,024-
2Singapore xchin024:200:21:5965,213-
3Philippines master3:300:31:1618862-
4Thailand RAMA_IX3:400:15:16-896-
5Thailand YodaMien2:300:03:39-937-
6Japan Freddy2:201:18:3038115,812-
7 fury2:100:18:0161,006-
8Thailand iq08065222:300:32:29-1676,905
9China dfd1:100:04:5846,339-
10Singapore busy16091:001:06:10-553-
11Thailand Misaka Mikoto1:000:03:5251,192-
12Thailand MARIE DEL REY0:001:35:4148539,131-
13Thailand ToTo0:200:33:52761,039-
14Singapore Sphaerio0:000:02:172902-
15Philippines ♦ALlIANCE♦0:000:41:44-976-
 Team Blue30:2407:57:35-5,537-
1Singapore Yolobean5:400:48:021121,112-
2United states Adolf Shitler3:100:12:29181,019-
3Philippines ♦VΣGAPUŠ˜K ツ♦ | trade.tf2:300:39:081371,074-
4 So_sad2:400:07:32-990-
5Japan Beef or Fish?2:200:04:02-17,052-
6India zulfaa92:100:27:40895,404-
7Indonesia XandiaDFI2:400:36:12-964-
8Singapore i shoot hearts not arrows2:300:05:07-9,042-
9Malaysia [KH] Sora™1:101:08:081047,288-
10Singapore Grimray1:300:29:28-794-
11Australia BEKWON1:300:04:34-995-
12Australia InsaneStorm0:100:48:28401,180-
13Brunei darussalam ♥ 5pb ♥0:100:54:512254,334-
14Philippines Res Nullius0:200:12:38-489-
15China Athpron0:000:01:57-2,699-
16French polynesia Pokémon0:000:10:43-877-
 Team Red23:3306:50:59-5,957-
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