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United states | Dust2 24/7 [1000FPS|NYC/gameME]
Game Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike 1.6
Address  [Connect now]
Players 30/32 Players
Map de_dust2 de_dust2, 00:36:58 hours
Updated 17. Aug 2018 01:36:46
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Peru Gustavo c:5:200:08:54181,018-
2Germany ToTal_2:300:25:5791,036-
3Chile 11c4p1211:200:21:3081,016-
4Brazil WHX | SKaW'`dev1<1:100:05:5142,827-
5Canada dnb1:000:49:031842,932154
6Brazil .:|Gdt|:. = !- bart1:000:07:5181,011-
7Azerbaijan [7]0:000:01:29-1,016-
8United states nibba0:200:23:32201,020-
9Brazil G}W$HunEiKen0:000:14:46-1,490-
10United states new0:000:03:41-1,001-
11Brazil [@MIBR] FalleN0:300:24:5681,008-
12Argentina atr0:100:20:33411,107-
13Panama IISTech #pMa0:100:18:55882,8501,168
14Argentina ROMANEJO0:100:17:35111,011-
1Canada Tyrant4:200:31:401651,6752,390
2Canada Pluto3:200:04:2141,858-
3United states gay boy #fgt3:200:05:4622,9043,438
4Brazil Raf4eL2:100:19:33751,142-
5India Catch Me If You Can2:301:36:191072,920-
6Iran, islamic republic of M@n!2:200:04:1731,005-
7Chile Mafiex2:100:08:48111,105-
8Brazil porraloka1:300:51:321311,846-
9Brazil tyago salles1:200:07:4121,002-
10Brazil TitanViral1:200:59:0231,130-
11United states red1:200:11:12-1,2682,875
12United states Ezhdelme1:200:04:30-2,642-
13Guatemala cr70:000:01:01-994-
14Venezuela coku ultra instinto0:000:20:58221,022-
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