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United states  =(eGO)= AVALANCHE | CHICAGO |
Game Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 26/32 Players
Map dod_avalanche dod_avalanche, 01:41:13 hours
Updated 22. Jul 2018 07:13:50
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states The Greatest Player of All Time10:401:22:3866619,3784,169
2United states =(eGO)=™ TheCleric5:400:41:25-24,6482,561
3United states Spyro4:400:14:096118,609-
4United states DistApacheSon3:400:03:19-23,156-
5China dottmw2:300:51:437916,8317,641
6United states [F|A] Two for a Dime[AOF]1:101:16:496615,3095,888
7United states Mongo1:100:08:39751,075-
8India =(e)=kuknalim1:100:02:08-13,451-
9China 茶亦醉人teadrunk0:100:06:50-18,637-
10Germany -brendel-0:000:00:57-1,000-
11Canada =(eGO)= Catastrophe0:101:01:18-18,502-
12United states ✠Mrshadow0002✪0:000:03:33-1,000-
13China kevingk10:000:06:30116,232-
1United states Gustav7:201:08:3713082,308-
2United states SDFprowler5:400:48:068426,124-
3United states (>'.'<)4:200:50:2620917,205403
4United states GmOnEy05073:300:25:582812,56412,020
5Australia Bingler3:300:45:548420,120816
6United states kami bolo2:300:44:30401,0669,366
7United states Dungeon Master2:301:41:1350414,161-
8Chile Pataman2:100:51:346833,146-
9Czech republic sumecz2:200:44:372547,705588
10United states Bill2:100:39:2827816,318-
11United states Radar0:200:55:054871,487-
12United states Zohan0:000:35:451683,1964,366
13Germany Stürmer[o3o]0:000:55:551725,994983
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