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United states  =(eGO)= DUST2 | NO AWPS AUTOS | CHICAGO |
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 58/64 Players
Map de_dust2 de_dust2, 00:35:54 hours
Updated 16. Jul 2018 07:06:08
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Canada Solid Snake™5:100:51:02-25,297-
2United states oℜiℊami Cℛanℇ4:200:27:042586,097-
3United states BՕΤ cherry3:000:45:374325,735-
4United states slacker3:201:14:37-22,649-
5United states ßuττhole' Cephalon Rumilia3:100:48:192057,721-
6United states ßuττhole' TittiES and BeeR3:100:31:17-23,178-
7United states |WCC|™ dre [The Chronic 2001]3:100:17:22937,35113,703
8United states Simple Jack2:101:06:02-19,643-
9United states Surgeon General's Warning2:200:10:131411,893-
10United states MrSplashyPants2:100:55:051913,247-
11United states =RU€= Jimi Hendrix 1:102:28:154919,523-
12United states Dove1:100:10:35161,026-
13United states Mystic271:001:17:536718,046-
14United states Stgf.Savage [3te PGD][A]0:000:07:56-998-
15United states LiBeRtY-®| =(e)= Adapa RoyalSecret Knight0:100:41:31-17,711-
16Canada dingo_dan_220:001:32:102112,89224,909
17United states Porcelain0:000:04:09214,684-
18United states =(e)= KTDOG0:100:11:521613,611-
19United states [ś]squad IRONMAN0:202:54:11-13,083-
20United states VaJean Tech N9ne 0:201:32:251214,286-
21United states LA1Mike0:000:20:311511,838-
22United states dog strapped with bomb0:000:12:22-14,316-
23Canada Fᴬᵀᵀʸ DA BULLZ MICHAEL JORDAN0:000:24:562437,392-
24United states ღQueenBaeღ0:000:53:02-18,925-
25New zealand TM74510:101:09:17933,76828,881
26Mexico Royed980:100:04:39-16,060-
27United states Don0:002:25:34-17,979-
28United states OnlyYOU0:000:41:344913,801-
29United states The Warrior0:100:27:32516,905-
30Canada Flynn0:000:08:27444,435-
1United states Fᴬᵀᵀʸ natural berry flavors4:200:37:0431410,000-
2United states Fᴬᵀᵀʸ DA BEARZ MIKE DITKA2:301:23:39-32,478-
3Canada ßuττhole' - Sam -2:100:15:21-31,455777
4United states MEDIC2:100:54:25-26,986-
5Canada Saskatoon2:100:04:53263,751-
6United states Vaped1:100:24:39-20,284-
7Canada [ś]squad TigerWithAnAk471:002:23:417019,38141,896
8New zealand [FloW]1:200:16:01-989-
9United states Dr. Pro zuu-crew1:000:30:065424,6228,458
10Saudi arabia I.T.T.I1:200:45:442114,840-
11Canada Butter Fuck0:100:18:34-1,164-
12United states decaliboy0:000:02:09-16,636-
13United states [Bean]Ender's ELITE0:100:08:34-15,238-
14United states Ottoman Soldier0:100:15:40-23,907-
15United states Ʌftermath™ Apon0:100:07:42-18,965-
16Canada BՕT Murt is HIGH0:000:22:05-30,687-
17United states Hexadecimal0:100:13:07-13,571-
18United states -{LAPD}- Pikachu0:100:32:58-19,498-
19United states onlyhalfgood0:000:14:19-16,864-
20United states Comrade Ivan - Tunel Hore0:001:19:1029616,298-
21United states Olmokh Dnold0:000:32:351610,808-
22United states ✪Rozealexa♥0:100:24:211266,29049,012
23United states M3RL1Nz0:000:06:38-1,019-
24United states andre GRANDE NEGRO PENE melende0:100:07:16-993-
25United states [ś]squad Æ0Ņ ✗ voice ✗ chat0:100:18:3399,332-
26Canada LeBron James0:000:01:13-1,152-
27United states SmartPerson0:000:57:34701,572-
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