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United states  =(eGO)= DUST2 | NO AWPS AUTOS | CHICAGO |
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 51/64 Players
Map de_dust2 de_dust2, 00:23:18 hours
Updated 22. Feb 2019 23:38:42
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states M@TT3:101:49:41-18,773-
2United states {cDS} !!OfCourseImStoned!!2:100:37:3813714,75136,648
3Canada no ways2:100:32:10271,049-
4United states Pokemon EP!C2:200:23:311093,80714,682
5United states Mr.1:201:50:042894,25869,463
6Mexico MaCiZo1:100:28:031196,33816,964
7United states King Barracuda1:200:10:35306,93281,947
8Sweden ivii861:000:31:452083,4523,703
9United states Sun Ra1:100:04:081512,551-
10United states Harry Flashman1:200:37:415615,238-
11United states halocombatevolved0:100:16:53-13,10959,286
12United states [NoNsEn$e]blahblah0:100:30:37827,83871,653
13United states janet jackson's left titty0:100:42:01-21,45197,088
14United states OLDARMY10:000:26:151416,013-
15United states Shrek 2 Deleted Scenes0:000:13:28-971-
16United states -meh-0:100:24:05733,831-
17Norway selling my potato0:000:13:43-3,2473,263
18United states shokhmia800:000:01:51-1,009-
19United states The Little Fox0:000:17:25-12,81221,086
20United states [RD] Mr. Hex0:100:34:36-13,530-
21United states Hincher0:000:08:46-20,561-
22United states I Am Hard™兵王至尊0:000:30:008224,651-
1United states MonsterMash4:100:49:528413,675-
2Canada ßuττhole' [E]cho.4:100:14:54-27,333-
3United states The Quackening3:100:24:323812,747-
4United states Excel Saga trackpad2:200:11:57187,64167,672
5United states BՕT UBS2:100:04:12132,603-
6United states [TG] Julio Jones1:302:31:30-18,45519,880
7Canada The Church: telim.frcpc1:200:13:08333,76811,316
8United states JET1:100:13:42215,160-
9United states « sλ¡n† м¡k٤y »1:100:14:592020,6171,612
10United states Rulero Beyoncé1:000:15:02-24,80018,485
11Canada MaTt ThE CaT0:100:40:06632,87233,648
12France AceVentura0:100:12:50-16,6333,111
13United states E t h a n - 5,000 IQ0:100:04:3621,000-
14Canada THEY'RE COMIN THEY'RE COMIN0:100:03:34-26,744-
15Germany czecker0:000:14:00-16,0462,737
16Canada FreddyNUkem0:000:30:512312,92147,800
17United states Ok. This is epic.0:000:06:031017,703-
18Canada +} Devastate.thc0:101:36:5517731,89727,183
19United states I_Like_Kitty0:000:11:153210,264-
20United states Cobalt0:000:31:281302,915-
21United states BՕT ƐOℕ0:000:09:54-14,567-
22United states xanitha0:000:27:4117,6666,624
23United states ßuττhole' Flying Machine0:000:02:52-17,265-
24United states BՕT Velo0:001:37:1525533,435-
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