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United states  =(eGO)= DUST2 | NO AWPS AUTOS | CHICAGO |
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 30/64 Players
Map de_dust2 de_dust2, 00:42:04 hours
Updated 23. Jan 2018 12:47:10
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states BՕT RoboRider5:200:38:167431,205923
2United states SANTA Viking MAssacre ™5:400:14:11-15,256-
3United states Cola10Sec2:001:05:19-27,665769
4United states ELiTE AK47 ™ The RebeL1:100:09:03-15,523-
5United states nuubmuffin1:100:09:21371,865-
6United states ︻テßlink™══1:101:11:0427211,55942,060
7United states <=]D'Artagnan[=>1:100:49:33309,87011,162
8United states Desert0:100:11:55-12,941-
9Canada Lob Duck0:000:01:06511,311-
10United states Anthony0:100:26:482877,4464,593
11United states BՕT Pz.matt rip.drank0:000:19:58-32,1213,933
12United states DoS_Format0:001:30:33-22,480-
1United states ڪƑɛɑʁ⁴²⁰ڪ6:100:50:2221518,6908,492
2United states Basic4:300:15:321441,232-
3Canada BՕT Skeletor3:100:05:372721,497-
4Canada MoneyShot3:201:57:2753311,61615,825
5Canada GreenMaple Noob Raul1:000:08:33618,654-
6United states neyooo1:004:12:3733216,95323,282
7United states `___BRUCE____L E E____C:LuTcH`1:103:03:1212229,296-
8United states ABagofSunshine0:000:11:309811,34161,583
9United states rōbut -nosound0:100:31:0714216,054-
10Guatemala GTOnly NeVaDo0:204:01:0423615,213-
11United states BՕT Michael0:000:48:3516570,325-
12Brazil Hannah Baker0:100:03:1141,093-
13Iceland Iиstiлct Azzlan0:000:02:1828,696-
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