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United states  =(eGO)= DUST2 | NO AWPS AUTOS | CHICAGO |
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/64 Players
Map de_dust2 de_dust2, 00:26:23 hours
Updated 23. Jul 2018 07:55:41
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states BuTTHoles BuTThole3:200:51:01-18,286-
2United states Colorblind3:301:22:292622,591-
3United states -{LAPD}- Pikachu2:200:52:412820,306-
4Canada ѕ.м.қ.ᴆ Woozie's 45fps2:300:20:42-14,26718,291
5Mexico A l O n E ! ! !2:400:48:48-15,448-
6United states Hex1:300:41:42-991-
7Canada `warez0:001:58:58822,919-
8United states knightone51880:000:25:10-984-
9Costa rica KbeT_Costa Rica InVi0:101:28:0411911,794-
10United states the one and only man0:100:26:181686,188-
11United states Noid_Thadon0:000:50:442094,44046,092
12Malaysia zurion850:101:14:17829,101-
13United states S(\/)0kE0:000:12:11-5,61913,892
14United states superbeast0:000:01:49-6,416-
15United states Mr. Futt Bucker0:100:16:15-97960,083
1United states #[EG] Lick my nads7:100:04:294813,729-
2United states thicc- Irene Urzaiz6:100:33:5538910,1199,981
3United states levlevlev4:001:13:404422,30617,567
4United states TOOO EAZY Backbone3:000:36:34821,450-
5United states CAMPYJR2:400:25:141506,60310,283
6Canada dingo_dan_222:301:52:4114913,72820,629
7United states ßuττhole' TOOLMANRAY1:100:35:398313,898-
8United states Morning Wood Tom Foolery1:300:17:453114,459-
9United states <=]D'Artagnan[=>0:100:23:45-9,52534,982
10United states Jimmy MasterMind0:000:06:34287,423-
11United states |Sa|-BostonFire-[PRiSoN]0:101:45:0338412,554-
12Brunei darussalam Negative0:101:02:526024,68626,216
13United states Will_LA0:100:08:12-18,190-
14United states [ś]squad Æ0И░M87✨0:001:27:4424612,594-
15United states ELiTE AK47 ™ Monkey D. Luffy0:002:27:5719147,024-
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