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Russian federation  [GunServer] УБOЙHЫЙ GunGame TURBO + FREE VIP (13/2/5)
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 20 (23)/64 Players
Map gg_byob, 00:06:07 hours
Updated 15. Oct 2018 19:15:19
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Russian federation sLePoI23:1901:38:567150,182-
2Russian federation GLUX21:1700:06:5910811,859-
3Russian federation Gaiver18:1901:02:32-84,947-
4Russian federation xleboti4:500:02:58454,272-
5 lolour0:000:06:05-0-
6 zubaira0:000:06:26-1,007-
7 Group "Z" * Серёга *0:000:06:05-0-
8Uzbekistan [GunServer] zubaira0:000:06:44-52,118-
9Russian federation БАХИР ТУШМАЕВ0:200:10:11-31,697-
10 FLA_alina_MES0:000:42:39-1,000-
11 MIDIBlack0:000:06:05-0-
1Germany Killefisch17:1700:37:4714312,431-
2Russian federation FLA_alina_MES14:1200:43:2512392,239-
3Germany R-B-F Papaschlumpf14:1200:24:4116252,62530,096
4Ukraine n1Se_13:1100:06:2910536,583-
5Germany Psycho:G10:1400:34:124881,525-
6Russian federation Сахар5:300:10:0123227,120-
7Russian federation Fallen2:000:08:4773414,470-
8 ĤǾŰŠỄ_м.đ0:000:06:05-0-
9Russian federation ЛАБОКА0:000:09:0116642,405-
10Russian federation ЛАБОКА0:000:06:24-1,018-
11 n1Se_0:000:05:36-1,000-
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