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Russian federation  [GunServer] УБОЙНЫЙ DeathMatch + FREE VIP (17/0/5)
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 29 (4)/64 Players
Map de_dust2_pro_final, 00:16:40 hours
Updated 19. Jan 2018 16:49:18
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Russian federation SRT13:700:15:5636514,66928,676
2Russian federation  Romario Agro7:402:49:35252812,535-
3Ukraine HYPE™☑6:400:19:061143,078-
4Russian federation Капуста5:202:12:3736264,561-
5Russian federation pate_pro2283:900:20:28261,026-
6Czech republic Серж UA3:601:41:03-39,885-
7Russian federation DeT }{a$aN89rus2:1500:12:31-61,185-
8Kazakstan LIL PUMP2:200:16:015363,28236,606
9Russian federation Данька ЧИТАК2:200:11:351062,646-
10Russian federation -СПб-Бармалей0:000:06:16-64,084-
11 LIL PUMP0:000:15:40551,155-
12 SRT0:000:14:26451,456-
13Russian federation Данька ЧИТАК0:000:10:033321,348-
14 ИОСИФ СТАЛИН0:000:27:0611115,779-
1Russian federation <ant> бухой13:700:16:40-72,212-
2Kazakstan Vovani12:1100:53:561636,042-
3Russian federation Порки Пиг5:700:14:01-17,6384,957
4Russian federation DeMoN96RuS4:300:07:45-79,636-
5Ukraine [GunServer] ИОСИФ СТАЛИН3:200:39:08-44,565-
6Russian federation 1231:1200:23:06-37,11029,546
7 killstation0:000:12:20291,029-
8 - [V] - [V] λ Russian actor λ0:000:01:42-0-
9 Stalker0:000:00:41-0-
10Ukraine SMILE Happy0:000:26:21821,175-
11 <ant> бухой0:000:15:083349,020-
12 winnipyx0:000:05:22161,016-
13 GamoRA0:000:02:53-0-
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