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Russian federation  [GunServer] УБОЙНЫЙ GunGame #1 + FREE VIP (5/5/13)
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 20 (24)/64 Players
Map fy_poolparty_highdetail, 00:03:59 hours
Updated 22. Jul 2018 16:39:04
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Russian federation Король Артур6:202:28:38-44,312-
2Ukraine ВРОТКАМПОТ4:500:06:15-16,076-
3United kingdom Soy Un Perdedor4:101:11:07-40,778-
4Russian federation BU}|{ENiNA™3:402:58:37468210,228-
5Kazakstan Kenni3:400:22:472528,109-
6Russian federation mazda2:000:11:09643,591-
7Russian federation Radiohead2:302:24:51-20,176-
8 ВРОТКАМПОТ0:000:03:15-1,000-
9 Fantom0:000:37:32-1,000-
10 \LoVe Ak-47\ Doc™0:000:03:58-0-
11 Rambotnic0:000:03:58-0-
12 Kenni0:000:19:26-1,000-
13 Гaнcepвep PУЛИT!0:000:12:24-1,000-
1Russian federation XITMAH7:400:12:49-25,766-
2Russian federation газмяс (rus)4:300:03:252416,967-
3Russian federation For-css.Ru4:300:13:558372,42357,436
4Russian federation For-css.Ru3:700:47:1038874,91622,981
5Ukraine Bat`ko1:700:49:06-14,326-
6 <GOLD TEAM> бабкин_ВНУ0:000:03:58-0-
7 ASS_SS_SAS0:000:03:58-0-
8 Intendo0:000:03:58-0-
9 KillerJoe0:000:03:58-0-
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