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United states =(eGO)= 24/7 Siege Of Shanghai |
Game Battlefield 4 Battlefield 4
Players 20/64 Players
Map cql_siege cql_siege, 01:03:19 hours
Updated 18. Feb 2018 23:12:17
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states Wraith3003:001:26:4025228,51229,748
2United states Teamslayer3122:000:07:00285,174-
3United states [NLR] Mycolloth2:301:05:5210435,117-
4Canada HeloiseXander2:400:42:571262,8311,979
5United states CaptCrunch37120:201:35:0611537,46169,240
6United states evileye2610:001:10:0049178,526-
7United states Boxcar-260:000:41:16782,99024,951
8United states AlmightyAngelo0:000:07:16-1,14877,592
9United states CheeToes10:000:02:01-6,39814,287
10United states GrandPoBah0:000:02:05-32,52711,008
 U.S. Army9:907:00:13-41,068-
1United states K16GT2:000:17:38-249,475-
2United states ErhartGames1:100:09:26196,32220,609
3Canada [CoGs] NickDanger3rdi1:100:20:29311,93768,599
4United states coleah0:000:04:00-301,071-
5United states Chucklefunkk0:000:33:1450267,467-
6Costa rica [xDi] 1ce-hell0:000:01:55-211,139-
7United states [APO] Minddancing0:001:53:062721,155,457-
8United states dvaness3220:001:27:535324,30578,948
9United states [Iam5] travi10240:100:30:33214,60576,740
10United states Cfab400:000:42:49-134,84952,095
 Chinese Army4:306:01:03-233,663-
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