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United states ★ EGC | US | TRADE
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/32 Players
Map trade_plaza_fix_v2, 01:00:37 hours
Updated 24. Jun 2017 02:02:51
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1 PanchoThePyro7:300:44:343433,015-
2United states Loaf4:400:24:492761,52824,081
3Philippines ✪ MANGO_PANGO4:400:25:196013,134-
4Australia The Pro Minecraft Autism3:800:31:423674,481-
5United states Wolftime3:100:07:422222,661-
6Australia Ms Freakshow2:100:50:5927521,605-
7United states dog!♥1:400:25:4186171,410-
8United states Emperor Plumbus1:000:08:34257,528-
9United states A Disappointing Sandwich0:000:49:3982,435-
10 DanishKnight0:000:57:536625,69425,329
11 papa trump0:000:17:26815,01469,308
12United states Pastapowers0:001:01:20914,72256,906
13New zealand Vawlt0:000:54:46-17,347-
14United states admins pocket medic0:000:19:58218,34331,600
15United states Night ツ0:000:22:045884,560-
 Team Blue25:2508:22:26-64,232-
1United states Cry6:300:42:1431410,29590,812
2China Z73Mu7F5:100:27:586025,73440,495
3United states Pootis Bird2:400:16:069320,61282,811
4 JPupDog1:200:09:22161,016-
5 khmarican | trade.tf1:200:24:111121,208-
6United states mooggysnacks | EGC1:000:09:274106,926-
7United states OPAF More Medic | B>MW Skins0:000:06:31-14,61092,499
8 ElProQueTeMato0:000:08:32-2,336126,068
9 the panda ranger0:000:23:43221,078-
10United states ツ♛KⓡᗩzYⒶpp£Z♛™0:200:05:56229,318109,461
11United states BeastMode13040:000:09:031012,179-
12Australia Obi's Lookalike0:000:08:32-42,668-
13Australia Callum70:000:17:23-37,438-
14United states Mythos0:100:48:322921,113-
15 JohnBrave/ trade.tf0:100:23:59271,027143,337
16Australia EGC | LiMaaa0:000:14:1613146,798-
 Team Red16:1604:55:45-28,397-
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