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United states  [EGC] | US | TRADE
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/32 Players
Map trade_plaza, 00:13:00 hours
Updated 29. Apr 2017 19:31:21
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1 ツ_-OMG-_ツ3:000:25:172103,400-
2 wrench man2:100:18:1541,004-
3France Thomas 🌅 Sunrise1:000:25:1414865,820-
4 BlazeDestroyer1:201:42:519712,211-
5United states ₪ FUZE1:000:11:21659,54254,297
6 RockyFire cs.money1:100:08:4461,039-
7 MaracasBrothers I0:900:21:4471,019-
8 AlphaGhost3600:200:02:5941,075-
9United states [D2K] earkicker0:101:13:0010413,240-
10 Jared from Subway0:000:01:41-4,420-
11United states Mr.weewoo0:100:09:59236,396-
12Croatia Talion The Gravewalker0:002:20:5931240,455-
13Canada Scandium Astatine0:000:14:495916,240-
14 GAARA0:000:20:03-5,795-
15 Lemmy Kilmister0:200:53:1713511,360-
 Team Blue9:1908:50:13-12,201-
1United states shooz.ღ5:301:13:1959851,49330,845
2 Jeandiegoconi4:300:10:271212,002-
3United states Cookie Monster1:100:05:3623,803-
4United states Terrible Heavy1:000:10:451093,033-
5United states Enger1:200:27:1927826,487-
6Australia iSmexxy | ToR0:401:29:5019728,848-
7 ☭Meow☭0:500:13:5481,018-
8 »IηŦє¢TєÐ« Niozken0:200:07:5461,006-
9Norway Hitscanister0:000:19:22-1,875-
10United states bryant750:000:21:53-48,231-
11 MIght Be A Crit?0:300:30:56536,606-
12 $hh/scrap2unsual/ | trade.tf0:200:22:54-5,983-
13Canada EmmanRM0:300:09:5621,66240,472
14 ♕Å♤Σシ0:002:58:179386,280-
15United arab emirates Katakuri0:100:22:53-10,818-
16United states [EGC] Rin ♥0:101:53:2638963,09014,517
 Team Red12:3010:58:41-17,015-
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