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United states ★ EGC | TRADE | US WEST
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/32 Players
Map trade_plaza_fix_v3, 02:17:09 hours
Updated 12. Dec 2017 05:34:07
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Netherlands marvelx310:200:15:133944,970-
2 Ze03:300:11:161163,04559,665
3United states Sir_Henry3:301:51:2746253,122-
4Malaysia wulFy2:200:11:20471,890-
5United states FESTIVE BORKTENDO ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ1:200:31:29165,244-
6Australia 86 inch Grinchy Goodness1:100:06:332427,676-
7Singapore Zinc Oxide | trade.tf0:100:03:34-7,996-
8Brazil Havish0:002:18:35-14,444-
9 Lucky Scrap <30:000:25:23-3,355-
10United states Rick Sanchez | -{Brokering}-0:002:11:1638137,931-
11United states <<Blade>>0:200:42:30-26,370-
12United states bryant750:000:28:343857,912-
13 Moosey0:000:31:412031,39892,233
14 Spunky0:003:30:574187,33735,537
15New zealand Vega20:100:36:09229,827-
16 incoming0:203:06:43683,18267,636
 Team Blue20:1917:02:40-20,356-
1New zealand B e b.5:202:19:0527724,357-
2 Dreeve4:400:47:339591,959-
3United states "Cringy and Edgy 11 year old"4:200:02:272936,260-
4Mexico PUMBA3:300:23:25627,556-
5United states RealJerryHours3:208:07:32845105,206-
6 Silverblob13:100:28:09171,017-
7 darkdragon2:801:04:36221,02275,654
8Guam Fatty2:201:35:0551926,374-
9Indonesia xanarchy1:301:11:5025815,47757,109
10 Kindness1:200:17:43511,40175,607
11 TheBloodPie0:100:50:019253,356-
12 NATO THE TORNADO0:100:23:26504,276-
13 ronaldchavez20000:000:17:48551,05544,919
14New zealand Juan_The_Horse Scrap2unusual0:100:56:30171,748-
15 Shaunny0:100:21:27261,42580,482
16 lizardcanfly140:000:09:28-1,021-
 Team Red28:3319:16:05-14,594-
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