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France  ████ ZOMBIE REVIVAL ███ |
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 29 (3)/64 Players
Map zm_cocktail_v3, 00:06:45 hours
Updated 20. Jan 2018 13:47:14
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Japan μ’s 星空凛 –Rin–1:002:03:263681,716-
2Lithuania este1:000:20:13211,534-
3Russian federation ?_-=сахар пиу=-_?0:000:15:16-997-
4Romania ALTERNATE aTTaX | mEiJin[p]0:000:50:1721,002-
5Algeria abdou dz0:500:13:49-625-
6Croatia Night Owl0:200:02:47-360-
7Russian federation }{y/\u7aH0:000:54:57-1,486-
8Bulgaria *CSMEGA-BG.COM*0:000:16:44-981-
9Russian federation *Daren*0:200:04:13-972-
10Malaysia CLARK.L0:000:31:39251,591-
11United kingdom alex the kid 0070:100:04:01-998-
12Turkey zuisudra0:003:37:53-1,618-
13United states קaקys aקєг๏s | Toklo0:000:22:20551,061-
14Germany KillerOrange0:000:24:3121,002-
15Russian federation *ONLY RUSH* SAXAR_174_RU0:001:49:07781,339-
16Russian federation SRT0:101:59:22611,20429,838
1Venezuela LΣGΣNDARY~ Şคงคցē3:000:28:55166,551-
2Sweden קaקys™[ADM] קaקys aקєг๏s | sʀʙɪɴ3:102:12:24673,662-
3Netherlands Squishy2:000:31:13351,801-
4Hungary SPARTAN2:000:08:58102,440-
5Russian federation MarcoPlay.com1:000:05:2621,010-
6Netherlands Sync 4Real1:100:30:30171,017-
7 Tomgreen0:000:04:16-0-
8Germany =ᾋṨƓ= :ElectriX0:000:26:53441,2607,595
9 PFC Ashley [29th ID] CP1S10:000:06:04-0-
10Georgia Geo TroLL0:100:02:48-924-
11France קaקys™[ADM] קaקys aקєг๏s | ĴØĤŇ0:000:56:50531,679-
12 ^^Nos-TEAM^^0:000:05:03-0-
13 eSp0:000:01:01-0-
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