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France  ████ ZOMBIE REVIVAL ███ |
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 17 (6)/64 Players
Map zm_papys_italy_final_v3, 00:04:28 hours
Updated 19. Aug 2017 03:37:05
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Algeria ☆amazigh☆ ɱδɧคɱɱєđ4:002:00:55292,019-
2 ///adidas (RUS71)1:200:07:25-1,00251,093
3Venezuela The Galaxy - 20000:100:15:07-163-
4Egypt Mido0:100:56:10-972-
5Estonia Microsoft0:104:55:372171,76013,194
6Germany SajeViT0:003:07:07351,043-
7Argentina Eliopez0:100:49:07-83372,789
8United states coto930:000:18:42-1,000-
9Ukraine GhosT0:205:05:09-950-
10United states KICK @SS :-P0:000:13:26-996-
1Greenland DoMiNaToR X קaקys aקєгos Laardu4:101:48:041434,41022,784
2Denmark iTeletubbies Square Circle3:001:23:26221,336-
3United states Dolphin Pucci1:301:32:08-1,492-
4Israel Newbie1:100:19:50311,063-
5Brazil SD THALLES1:104:36:3723991-
6 Det er ikk' sjovt det her!0:000:03:22-0-
7 Fleshus Mortis Maximus0:000:02:50-0-
8 truck driver hard balls0:000:03:43-0-
9 Your name0:000:03:22-0-
10 Bonbon Rose0:000:03:40-0-
11 MONSTAAAA0:000:02:18-0-
12Brazil Riick0:100:04:26-995-
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