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United kingdom GOLDRUSH / BADWATER -
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 23 (2)/33 Players
Map pl_upward pl_upward, 00:25:26 hours
Updated 16. Aug 2018 14:03:52
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United kingdom 7!!8:000:36:0449437,849178
2United kingdom woofbjörk4:400:37:453316,8569,434
3Portugal Passos Dias Aguiar Mota ®4:100:14:42717,9182,107
4Finland SavioroivaS4:001:45:57137732,359225
5Finland Darnoc3:100:21:562059,2122,196
6United kingdom fortnite ninja3:200:10:55411,04133,194
7Serbia Bole2:000:18:277427,420854
8Germany LeniG1:000:31:275079,270814
9Poland Autism everywhere1:100:09:052643,473531
10Spain ҞING1:000:43:0120870,547671
11Turkey 🎲😤ŦЦR¥😤🎲0:002:58:5464780,070648
12Malaysia zavati0:000:01:36-2,708-
 Team Blue31:908:29:49-66,560-
1Germany CheeCoh^4:300:39:3117825,1912,045
2Russian federation armoond4:200:15:08545,5374,249
3Poland diz1:600:10:06211,02149,147
4United states Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap1:300:06:0938,75214,589
5Spain Atreídēs0:000:15:2318318,531323
6Netherlands Owlie0:400:08:4661,29640,213
7 THEM0:000:01:41-0-
8 TAAAAANK!0:000:01:24-0-
9Denmark DJ T T0:300:04:52-210,134213
10Russian federation ZA WARUDO0:000:03:19-1,0003,807
11United kingdom PRED0:100:14:17902,1113,728
12United kingdom Sookie0:000:06:364151,743355
13Romania unknown0:500:43:18-60,4711,421
14 ZAWMBEEZ0:000:01:24-0-
15Macao N.0:000:02:20-162,483-
 Team Red10:2702:54:14-36,551-
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