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United kingdom | Skill Surf | Styles | Tier 1-2 | !ws
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 38/50 Players
Map surf_neon_beta_tnn, 00:30:12 hours
Updated 27. Jun 2017 16:04:54
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United kingdom Fuzzin0:000:46:19-1,000332,394
2United kingdom [LT3] Evolve0:000:06:48-1,068-
3United kingdom ✪ John Wick0:000:23:18-1,225-
4 Xeasz0:000:39:29-986-
5Denmark Hentai! Lord Flacka0:000:02:17-1,005-
6United kingdom {DB} Wompy Pompy0:000:11:26-1,000-
7Faroe islands TeddyS0:000:03:06-985-
8Poland DINOSOWER! KeiliX0:000:21:16-1,000-
9United kingdom Orion0:001:11:37-1,000-
10United states monster0:001:41:05-1,000-
11Netherlands STOV - 2 ✪ Sp0nge0:000:09:33-1,000-
12Germany FlyingPotatoe0:000:05:09-1,038-
13Belgium [AcG] CarliTo0:000:21:35-1,000-
14United kingdom SniperInTheMist0:000:06:37-1,000-
15Netherlands DaFinest0:000:40:15-1,000-
16Netherlands ET3RNITY ✘ Br3ndaN0:000:14:49-990-
17Netherlands ElecSnake0:000:05:05-988-
18United kingdom FimFamFoom!0:000:22:14-1,868-
19Russian federation MaRKoT0:000:06:53-1,000-
20United states iDerpay CSOFFERME0:000:12:57-1,000-
21United kingdom rekki0:000:30:03-2,041-
22Spain D0nD3 Nvcho0:000:28:01-1,000-
23Netherlands NaturalRebel ✪ ^ImaginE -iwl-0:000:14:17-988-
24United kingdom RRP-Servers Nimmo0:000:15:20-1,000-
25United kingdom PugsNotDrugs0:000:33:59-1,000-
26Germany Hentai! piCtrues0:000:20:25-1,000-
27Russian federation abk1111770:000:23:45-1,000-
28Palestinian territory, occupied SpLaXSEZZZ ム0:000:08:08-1,000-
29United kingdom ֍ Sam ֍0:000:15:25-1,189-
30Poland Egg0:000:13:19-1,000-
31United kingdom Paulers ✪ Lol Ur DED pateL0:000:31:34-1,053546,309
32France Ayzoil/hellcase.com0:000:32:30-1,000-
33France ASTICOT0:000:15:20-1,000-
34United kingdom -=Vortex=-0:000:04:01-947-
35United kingdom Danny0:000:30:40-998-
36Spain DANER ︻デ═---0:000:03:23-1,092-
37United kingdom Adeels On Wheels Haçienda0:000:45:50-975-
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