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Poland [1v1 Arena][128TR] :: [ SKINS / GLOVES ]
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 25/36 Players
Map am_fg_banana_40, 00:10:51 hours
Updated 25. Sep 2017 17:10:59
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Poland PatryX-iwnl- ♛ #VP6:400:11:54852,268-
2Poland BunnyJou? ,,only BH is Real?"6:400:29:2294,031-
3 Unlucky eSp SIMSON5:400:19:352261,346-
4Poland TOĊšCIK4:600:10:44231,023-
5Poland DubPrank ❤BOARNOFIDE❤3:700:27:441524,146-
6Poland ★☞JUNI0R☜★| dogry.pl3:100:13:37465,401-
7Poland Pacyna3:200:20:251003,074-
8Poland Przemo$$2:300:09:01231,082-
9Poland Titan KQLY2:200:07:56-5,012-
10Poland **L-S** LINDEK noform ;c1:600:05:47-1,195-
11Finland REZ0:001:41:136371,692-
12Slovakia Susan0:300:13:13113,074-
1Poland Weber7:300:22:55675,595-
2Poland laska6:500:14:571221,306-
3Poland KennyS3:100:03:43166,513-
4 ✪Krime✪3:300:04:2371,010-
5Poland its a prank bro SKINS-BETS.COM2:100:14:58611,941-
6Ukraine Shoker2:200:13:471001,769-
7Poland ヅpm4ヅ1:000:01:2035,614-
8Netherlands Geitisten ASFX1:200:30:052752,523-
9 RYBA | csgo-skins.com1:000:37:041851,240-
10Ukraine D.E.M.O.N.0:200:06:3181,008-
11Poland .:Sh00tEr:.0:004:16:4310204,044-
12Poland flammee13370:100:12:08454,735-
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