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Russian federation # Biohazard [1]
Game Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike 1.6
Address  [Connect now]
Players 31/32 Players
Map zm_3_house, 00:12:13 hours
Updated 12. Dec 2018 22:09:54
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Ukraine Gefest4:001:09:241811,956-
2Russian federation ||3 L 0 Y|| TOLIK AGENT 0071:100:36:29403,171-
3Ukraine /7a/7a1:000:14:48-5,830-
4United states Bomj0:000:05:38-2,432-
5Russian federation flower0:000:12:1171,007-
6Russian federation NeaD0:200:50:50735,789-
7Kazakstan killer_time0:000:23:11183,010-
8Russian federation Pro RyBAK0:000:02:45-2,196-
9Belarus martin0:000:05:15222,008-
10Russian federation PEAJIHOCTb0:000:04:48-1,172-
11Kyrgyzstan pomidorka0:000:02:26-2,431-
12Russian federation BALDA0:000:02:04-1,000-
1Russian federation A$AP Yohji Yamamoto2:101:14:362695,862-
2Russian federation MAMDA2:100:25:07371,577-
3Ukraine A$AP ROCKY2:100:41:5716115,428-
4Belarus hashimyatory2:100:11:54192,152-
5Moldova, republic of Le3oN#1:100:04:07121,651-
6Russian federation ||3 L 0 Y|| СЕРЕГА 1611:100:55:10863,147-
7Russian federation t8o31:100:03:4321,002-
8Russian federation nu3geqMupy0:100:21:31114,183-
9Russian federation A$AP Jane0:000:15:04217,748-
10Russian federation VaLeT0:000:02:34-2,842-
11Russian federation KEKe0:000:44:11414,898-
12Russian federation Dore0:100:10:07-1,922-
13Russian federation KoHTpkyJlbTypa0:000:12:10-990-
14Russian federation terra0:100:08:16-2,301-
15United kingdom diego0:100:08:25-4,516-
16Turkey akanzy0:100:13:46125,146-
17Ukraine **SteM**0:001:29:57602,177-
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