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United states ! ! ! ! ! SECOND ASSAULT / BF2 & BF3 MAPS | TBGCLAN.COM
Game Battlefield 4 Battlefield 4
Players 22/64 Players
Map cql_oman cql_oman, 00:10:50 hours
Updated 19. Nov 2018 10:20:40
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states EngineerNo1057:102:03:338756,9723,231
2United states [ARCH] xThe_Arch_Angelx5:001:52:5091925,8863,227
3United states CursedHP4:103:23:0716373,7014,362
4United states Tetrakana4:400:28:472441,50237,931
5United states yoshuaseattle2:000:04:59413,696-
6Germany M3tr0p0l152:201:16:177621,76268,857
7Mexico [MG] BLK_Elblackis0:000:26:30423,17020,392
8United states williamevil0:200:19:5997,54945,842
9Canada [Dz] Hydralisk2110:102:15:446151,82836,141
10Costa rica Orelis_Nabaal0:100:48:31541,05460,016
11United states VoltBF0:000:54:264892,04113,085
 U.S. Army24:1213:54:43-6,287-
1New zealand 4Dagg3r7:200:17:191601,160-
2Poland DeatH2322:500:52:563841,38434,912
3Canada Joor-Jona1:000:20:17645,1652,742
4United states ArmySFAS1:100:49:401691,16931,291
5United states MedicalSmoker1:100:12:37-9,1328,774
6United states LeonLZA1:100:07:5041,045-
7New zealand PrecisionDamage1:200:17:14501,05041,916
8United states DREiWETTERTAFT0:001:37:525341,53425,683
9United states OFPDH0:000:50:192572,80721,070
10United states Khal-Rado0:000:50:311041,32273,066
11United states 2flocci2furious0:100:35:532202,25815,963
 Russian Army14:1306:52:28-2,548-
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