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United states  =[pG]=|=(eGO)= 2FORT | NO CRITS | FAST+ |
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/32 Players
Map ctf_2fort ctf_2fort, 03:24:56 hours
Updated 22. Jul 2018 02:54:41
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states A Harmless Pyro5:400:34:491882,6543,604
2United states oofyboi875:400:25:38841,10118,977
3United states Bob4:300:42:552791,6444,338
4United states ydna3:200:13:031031,18915,755
5United states Rule3:000:13:07411,95814,926
6United states pix3:100:26:3814815,3051,399
7United states Patrick Bateman2:200:16:50162,17533,860
8United states DrkChocolate2:100:11:313216,3232,941
9United states 【4heads】2:100:12:53226,59826,157
10United states memes are sexy1:000:27:4061,52616,946
11United states SURRENDER FREEMEN0:000:13:31148,14127,313
12United states Bennibarnetti0:001:05:179197532,367
13United states Otto von Bismarck0:600:47:25-7,2927,809
14United states EvilDinoKid0:000:07:35-4,3779,066
 Team Blue30:2405:58:52-5,090-
1United states Razz10:200:58:3622628,4591,231
2United states =(eGO)= AndrewW6:202:57:1010012,7301,816
3United states soala6:400:14:171097,470-
4United states =(eGO)= Whitetiger1:101:18:4234786,037386
5United states Nondenominational Blackhead1:200:53:532764,0138,203
6United states Gemini Gate1:200:28:151751,5376,341
7United states Snarbs1:000:04:18212,360-
8United states NGS | TangoBravo1:200:07:43-1,21239,681
9Russian federation killer19220:202:55:034921,54426,004
10United states Ayumuluffy0:000:28:23-63940,000
11United states the_almighty_tallest0:101:03:1137718,9473,915
12United states The Zac of Temmies0:202:14:331786,89212,824
13Canada chunks0:001:13:1418319,2825,345
14United states =(eG)= Mcg0:000:14:28176,6528,404
15United states Psychotic Ninja0:300:07:48-1,61621,745
 Team Red27:2315:19:34-13,959-
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