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United states  =[pG]=|=(eGO)= HIGHTOWER TDM | NO CRITS | NO SENTRY | FAST+
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 24/32 Players
Map plr_hightower plr_hightower, 05:27:34 hours
Updated 18. Oct 2018 04:57:32
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states Tiaramissu11:200:05:08281,044-
2United states Swissy8:500:39:21793,21312,837
3United states Mortal Man5:800:26:291481,6326,267
4United states rayn5:300:16:45888,4693,470
5United states Tyler タイラー3:200:32:05451,8225,623
6United states bob.dangerzone2:200:27:24297,5643,900
7Canada Stab Stab Stab | blw.tf1:500:13:41-030,733
8United states AltoCrumTato1:401:30:2024440,889970
9United states YeetusTheFetus0:200:02:54-880-
10United states doing a spy main speedrun0:400:11:0823,04714,464
11United states AreallyangryFox0:100:12:42721,4542,408
12United states Single D.U.M.B!0:000:47:3217415,1883,738
 Team Blue36:3805:25:29-7,100-
1Peru Rod9:400:06:201210,834-
2Canada angent5:200:27:14-41,5651,666
3United states Leokojic3:600:14:18-1,21121,899
4Canada EnviableToaster3:100:03:16292,151-
5United states legoharrypotterfan9012:101:13:002311,97228,806
6United states Skillpoint1:000:42:23871,12630,622
7United states Bagels <31:100:28:11-8,0225,718
8United states Magnitite1:100:21:566818,4153,394
9United states Kuthooloo0:100:14:07563,01820,199
10United states Nobu Nobu0:300:33:03512,25812,438
11Colombia MikeJM0:000:11:15121,00321,473
12United states Pepto-Bismol0:000:56:08551,50930,124
 Team Red25:2005:31:11-7,757-
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